Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Things

GR&DF thank you all for the overwhelming kind comments - you are all so nice!!! I was very lucky to get those shelves - and will probably need to get a third... but for now my next thing to hunt down is an additional bookcase. You never know what will turn up at a sale!! I did forget to post a snap of something that Rico picked up -

This enormous wall Rosary. It is made from some sort of wood and is just huge. Being the good little Protestant that I was raised I was just speechless at the enormity of this and wondered who would be able to use it - It is about 3 feet in length and I was told it is for hanging not for actual use.

I also heard that Berit received the Valentine Exchange I sent - here is a snap -

The Pyn Keepe I made for this exchange is from the Alphablocks I have been working on recently. It is stitched on 36 ct Silkweaver Purely Primitive using the recommended floss. Included are a few treats and a chart from Berit's wishlist.

There was a small film fest over the weekend - Bing Crosby was the star and Netflix supplied the DVD's. I got two of them on Friday and they where both double features!! Let's start off with the two Rhythm titles - "Rhythm on the Range" - 1936 - Starring Bing Crosby, Frances Farmer, Bob Burns and Martha Raye. A rich Socialite played by Frances flees her rich life in NY to rough it on the Frying Pan Ranch - while being chased by kidnappers - some good musical numbers. The second film "Rhythm on the River" - 1940 - starring Bing, Mary Martin (playing a girl named Cherry Lane), Basil Rathbone and Oscar Levant. Poor Basil Rathbone, an egotistical composer who's lost his muse. He's been faking it for some time, buying his lyrics and his music from various sources. Trouble is that two of the sources (Bing Crosby music) and (Mary Martin words) happen to meet and fall in love. And then they discover what they've been doing. Complications ensue, but all is righted at the end. The second disc films where - "Double or Nothing" - 1937 - starring Bing, Martha Raye and William Frawley. A film where a rich Philanthropist to thwart his family from getting his money devises a scheme to give away his millions to a regular good person. A nice easy film with some good but unremarkable musical pieces. The ending is worth the entire film. Last and what I think is the best of the four - "Waikiki Wedding" - 1937 - starring Bing, Martha Raye and Bob Burns. This fun film has Bing playing a PR rep for a Pineapple company in Hawaii. The company has crowned a Miss Pineapple and she is flown to the Island and is bored stiff. After meeting up with Bing the antics begin - some very good musical numbers and Martha Raye is top notch throughout the film!! This must have been Paramount's answer to Astaire / Rogers as it had the same feel as one of their films. Over all some nice flicks and worth seeing.

I wanted to mention I have posted some things I no longer need on my wish/trade blog - if you have any questions about anything feel free to ask - my email is in my profile.

Thanks for stopping by and for your very kind comments!!! Do come again!

Take care,


Nancy said...

The exchange package you put together is more than wonderful! I love the Valentine pinkeep you made Edgar.

Looks like Rico found a real treasure! It really is beautiful.

Evelyn said...

Reminds me of the rosaries that the Sisters of Mercy used to wear around their waists. They were huge black rosaries that they wore draped around the front of their habits.

Melissa said...

I saw the exchange package over at Berit's yesterday and admired it greatly! You are a great exchange partner!

That is a real find, that rosary!

valerie said...

Great pynkeepe for Berit! I saw it on her blog yesterday. :)

Loraine said...

What a wonderful exchange gift. Your ideas are so thoughtful. I would definitely want to be on the receiving end of your package!
Interesting Rosary. Where will that be hanging in your house?
Thanks for the film reviews. I'll have to check out the Hawaii one.

stitcheranon said...

Love the Valentine's exchange..very pretty. Here we tend to be surrounded by Rosaries (Ireland) though I tend to avoid them myself.
I have emailed you re: Moira Blackburn's Time and Season

Ellen S said...

Love the Valentine exchange!! It is absolutely beautiful!!! You do a wonderful job with your stitching anf finishing!!! I enjoy reading your blog, I also am a Big Fan of TCM and old movies..B&W from about 1935 to early 1950's...there is nothing better!!! I do have a question, I have just set up a blog, named Fannies Place,
UKFAN52.blogspot.com...how do I ge tthe name out there so people will know about it? I am very new to this!!!
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Ellen S

Margaret said...

Love your exchange piece that you put together! And that rosary! Wow! It looks great on the wall!

Vonna said...

The rosary is olive wood, and I think it is beautiful! My Mama had a bed rosary that was as big as a wall rosary, or heck maybe it was a wall rosary and Mama called it a bed rosary! :o) Confused? I am...
Anyways...I think it is a great find! I wondered if Rico was Catholic but never asked....

ariadne said...

I watched "Memoirs of a Geisha" last night. I know it is from a book, I haven't read it but the film was beautiful,warm and great scenery!I thought I might tell you!Ariadne from Greece

Berit said...

I really do just love the pyn keepe, Edgar! As for the rosary, we have one almost just like it from Dear Marc's mother, who is a good Filipina catholic.

Somehow, I just can't bear to hang it up...though I so do appreciate her as a person so I've got it stowed in a closet. It's very dark wood, and nothing else in the house is...so that might be my objection.