Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday is Here

GR&DF - sorry about the no title post yesterday - I couldn't think of one and didn't even notice there wasn't one - today's title isn't much better.

Well, yesterday as we came up over the hill on the way home and looked across Noe Valley we could see that our building had gotten many new window installations..... but it looked like they hadn't gotten to us yet. When we walked in it was obvious nothing had been done - and so there we where our home completely piled up one one side of every room and nothing done - but with a note saying the date had been changed to today. Now just imagine the top of my head just completely coming unhinged and my brain spinning splat against the ceiling!! Got that image in your mind - pretty ain't it!!!! I couldn't believe it - so I threw open the sliding glass door onto the balcony and there was a worker person - on a ladder still working on the our neighbors windows - and I asked him about us and when they might get to ours..... and got a sort of answer of maybe tomorrow - well, there went the rest of my dwindling patience (and there was damn little to spare at that point) I couldn't believe it - I slammed the sliding door shut and stomped about a bit The hounds ran away and Rico went upstairs. Then I moved some of the furniture around and then TV and hooked that monster back to working order - I certainly wasn't going to miss a super musical evening on TCM!!! So we got up at the crack of jack this morning and moved everything back into piles and will hope for the best - that we won't have to live like this through the weekend will be a kind of a miracle!!!!!

Last night I finished up the stitching on the exchange I was working on and will finish- finish it this weekend - I am totally happy with the way it looks an I think I might have to stitch this for us!!

As I mentioned - it was super musical evening starting off with "Alexander's Ragtime Band" - 1938 - starring Tyrone Power, Alice Faye and Ethel Merman. A great vehicle for all three and some great musical numbers!! TCM is linking all the films to each other and the link for the next film is the "Mermanator" and the film was "Call me Madam" - 1953 - starring Ethel Merman, Donald O'Conner, Vera Ellen, George Sanders and Billy de Wolfe - a wonderful film with a top notch performer. It was unusual for Ethel to be able to play on film a roll she originated on the stage - as she lost so many film rolls to other actress' - she lost the leads on film in - Annie Get your Gun, Du Barry was a Lady, Panama Hattie and Gypsy - so to see her in this film is great!! The link to the next film was Donald O'Connor to "Singing in the Rain" - 1952 - starring Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, Debbie Reynolds and Jean Hagen - I have talked about this film lots - it is great and you should see it!! The final film of the evening was linked by Cyd Charisse and the film was "The Band Wagon " - 1953 - starring Fred Astaire, Cyd Charisse, Oscar Levant and Nanette Fabray. A really fun film with super musical numbers!! All the films are good and if you like the musical you will totally like them!!

Other DVD's that are being released on March 30 are both Disney releases. The fist is the 2 disc "Un-Anniversary" Edition of "Alice in Wonderland" - 1951 - and the 2nd is "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" - 1954. You know I like Disney and these are on my list!!

At the suggestion of Ariadne I have added some snaps on the Trade Blog of the charts - what a great idea -THANKS!!

There you go sports fans - thank you for stopping by and for you kind comments!!

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Colleen said...

How frustrating!! I know how it is when you spend all day at work and come home expecting a job to be done...and it isn't!! We are going to be replacing our 2 large (100" across each!) single pane windows in our livingroom this spring and hope there are no hitches with waiting for them to be able to come out and do it. I want those suckers done all at once!! We had to wait 5 months for a specially made storm door to be made and installed and it drove me nuts. Good luck...I'll be thinking of you this weekend. Don't give yourself ulcers over it. At least you don't have to pay for it (unless they hike your rent). Try to have a good weekend :)

Carol R said...

Hope you both have a good weekend despite the upheaval in your home!

Nancy said...

This sounds so frustrating Edgar, and I do hope they get to your windows soon! I don't blame you for being upset.

Have a nice weekend and a very Happy Valentine's Day!

DonnaTN said...

At least your frustration was tempered by great movies! Favorite movie quotes: "I can't stan'em!" and "More Beer!" I think that I as offended by my word verification: fornatic!

Margaret said...

What a bummer! So sorry they messed up on the date -- I sure hope they got the windows done today. :( Those movies sound great! I'm looking forward to the live action Alice in Wonderland coming out -- nice that the original is coming out on DVD too!

Berit said...

Argh! I hear you on this one! A FiOS installation team spent 2.5 weeks (just finished) on a 1 week job. And, of course, it was "we'll be in your house at any time. And, they didn't tell us what area to clear, and instead when they at last came were like, "Hi; I need to get to the back of x closet!" So they watched while we hurriedly emptied it. Sigh. Maybe that's why the whole process took so long: they were watching each resident empty a closet for them. ;)

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I have no patience for that stuff either. If someone tells me they are going to do it today, I want it done today! Hope they get your windows done today!

Catherine said...

Oh, I do hope that they get to your place today. What a pain it would be to have to deal with this over the weekend, or even worse if they made you wait until Monday - or Tuesday - as Monday is a holiday...perhaps I should just stop and hope they get to you today and that you have a wonderful, stitch and movie filled weekend!

Myriam said...


Patti said...

Sorry about your windows - but they'll be done tomorrow maybe :-(

Love all the films you watched. I even went from the link to Alexanders Ragtime Band which was a film I loved as a child. And I'm sure the man talking on the clip was Ed Sullivan at least it sounded remarkably like him.

Good Luck tomorrow.
Patti xxx

Anonymous said...

I watched Alexander's Raytime Band and Call Me Madam. Both excellent. Wasn't that a surprise hearing how well George Saunders sang in Call Me Madam? Maria S.

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

I just love when you disrupt your life to accommodate workmen and then they don't show!! drives me crazy so I can imagine how your felt!

Hope you do not mind but I am going to refer your blog to my daughter - she is a big movie buff (actually has a degree in cinematography)

Have a great weekend - I am house bound - snowing in middle Georgia!!


Sharon said...

So sorry about your frustration - it can be such a pain when you're at the mercy of others' ambition. (or lack thereof).
I watched Singing in the Rain last night - what a fun flick! :) :)
I can't wait to see a pic of your exchange...
Hug the hounds and have a great week-end!!! :)

MyLifesAStitch said...

Oh Dear God, I feel your pain!!! I hate it when that stuff happens, and it always seems to happen when I'm already just about at my wit's end, you know? I have always found that duct tape works really well to keep my skull in place... ;)

So sorry that happened, and I hope they got the work done for you today!

Susimac said...

Hope your weekend has turne out OK and that they have come to do your windows, its so frustrating waiting for workmen to start a job