Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Movie Tuesday

Gentle readers - thank you so much for the positive feedback on yesterdays installment - It is certainly nice to be so encouraged by you all!!! I did have some questions about the book that the "Lo Rose" sampler came from - here is a snap -

It seems to be harder and harder to find at a reasonable price - and this copy has already been spoken for - or I would have some sort of drawing for it here.

On last Friday I posted about some flickers and then asked for suggestions of films to see - and you did not disappoint.

Sue had some suggestions and two of them I had already seen - "Picnic at Hanging Rock" - 1975 - I have seen this film a number of times and always enjoy watching this gorgeous mystery film!!!! - The second film is "The Adventures of Priscilla - Queen of the Desert" - 1994 - a really fun adventure film - both of these Australian films are really wonderful and I would highly recommend them!!!!

Doris suggested "Random Harvest" - 1942 - a great film with Greer Garson and Ronald Coleman all about memory loss a remembering - both Garson and Coleman in top form!!

CarolG suggested "Madame X" - I think she was talking about the 1966 version with Lana Turner - a great Lana Vehicle - and not the 1937 version with Gladys George a good film if a bit disjointed. The Lana film is better known and a better version!! This now is sold a double feature DVD with "Portrait in Black" - 1960 - another super Lana film all about murder!! If you throw in the 1959 version of "Imitation of Life" you have a triple Lana Featureama!!!

Barb is a Woody Allen fan and suggested "Annie Hall" -1977 - I am not a big Woody fan but have seen most of his films - my favorite film of his is "Radio Days" - 1987 - this is one of my all time favorite movies... I have seen this dozens of times and enjoy it every time!

Rowyn suggested "Veronica Guerin" - 2003 - I have not seen this film and it is now in my Netflix queue. It looks like a great film.

Debbiesfl suggested two films 'To Sir With Love" - 1967 - and "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" - 1947 - I have seen both of these films and thoroughly enjoyed the viewing. "The Ghost and Mrs Muir" is a real tour de force for Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison - It is probably one of her best roles!!

Lisa suggested "Where the red Fern Grows" - 1974 - I remember seeing this a very long time ago and need to re-view it - so it also is now on the Netflix Queue.

and... Sandra suggested a film I hadn't herd of - "Don't Look Now" - 1973 - starring Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland..... I am intrigued by this and certainly will need to see it.... also now on the queue.

Thank you all for the flicker feedback - !!!!

I saw quite a few films this weekend - starting off with "Milk" - 2008 - I enjoyed this film and it was interesting to see SF during the 70's. Also viewed that classic "Maltese Falcon" - 1941 - a super film I enjoy watching seeing over and over again!!

Then there was the premier of "Grey Gardens" - 2009 on HOB - what a super film - an excellent job by both Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore. If you have seen the 1975 documentary you will want to see this film!!

There was also on TCM - "So Long at the Fair" - 1950 - starring Jean Simmons and Dirk Bogarde - a beautiful suspense mystery film - if you get the chance I would take the time to see!

Last night I had the film "The Cheaters" - 1945 - I had a copy as this has never been put onto DVD or VHS - and I must say what a great Christmas film this is - I had never heard of it and was totally enchanted by the story and the acting!!!

There you go a really long movie post - thanks for stopping by!!!

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doris said...

Hey Edgar, if anyone is interested in joining our Sisterhood of the Rose, you're welcome to send them over to my blog. We have several friends on the list, and the book with Lo in it is making the rounds. It's sort of a progressive stitching.

I got to watch "The Maltese Falcon" this weekend also. It's so good!

-missy- said...

Edgae here are a few oldies I've recently seen. I loved them all!

Pat and Mike-Hepbur and Tracy--1952
Stella Dallas- Barbara Stanwyck 1937

King Of Hearts-Jacques Balutin, Alan Bates-1967

Karen said...

I did watch Grey Gardens this weekend on HBO. it was a really good movie, they were definitely a bit eccentric, especially the daughter. What a roll Drew played in it. and i got to watch the whole movie without the boys here, they saw 5 minutes of it and all 3 ran. LOL

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

I adored "Grey Gardens," didn't you!? How fabulous could those two women be? I was just staring holes in the tv the whole time, Edgar. Defineately, this is one movie I have to buy on DVD. BTW, are you watching "Tudor," this season? The clothes are so sumtious.

Yoyo said...

You are the second person now to point out to me that I have the book containing Lo How a Rose...I suppose it's going to have to come off the shelf soon, that is just such a lovely stitch. I love your's, the colors are really great. I'm not over fond of that particular frame but the general style would be fabulous for Lo. There are a couple of movies I haven't seen on your list today, I've written them down and will find them soon --- as ever thanks for the movie reviews they help me a lot. The Ghost and Mrs Muir is an all time favorite and I've thought it was one of Tierney's best too.

Evelyn said...

Let me second the motion for "Don't Look Back". The young Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland are totally captivating, as are the scenes in Venice, where most of the movie was shot. If I remember correctly, is it based on a Daphne Du Maurier short story. It's beautiful, scary and very sad. Totally worth the viewing.

Diane said...

I have an eclectic mix of favorite oldish to old movies, some of which you may have seen and others, well, they're a bit obscure.

I'm sure you must have seen "It Happened One Night", "Gigi", "Singing in the Rain", and the Rodgers and Hammerstein classics “Oklahoma”, “South Pacific”, and “Sound of Music”.

Don't miss "A Patch of Blue" with Shelley Winters and Sidney Poitier. I recently found it on DVD. YEA!

"My Sweet Charlie" with Patty Duke was also a favorite. I haven't seen it in years, and it doesn't seem to be available on DVD yet.

I still love the musical comedy "Paint Your Wagon" with Lee Marvin and a very young Clint Eastwood.

The somewhat obscure comedies that I love from the 70s are "S*P*Y*S" with Donald Sutherland and Elliot Gould, and "Evil Roy Slade" with John Astin. Both are available on DVD but haven’t found their way into my collection yet (’cause the chain stores I haunt don’t carry them).

Now don’t laugh, but the one that I keep looking for on DVD is the Muppet version “The Frog Prince” featuring Kermit the Frog. It was released as a TV special when I was 9, and I would watch it every time it repeated, well into my teens. My 16 years junior brother got it on video when he was about 5, and I got it for my daughter when it came out again in 1994 when she was 5. I think we played that tape so much that we wore it out. :) I can still recite some of the lines and sing snippets of the songs. I love this one!