Monday, April 6, 2009

A bunch of stitchy things ....

so here goes..... I will start off with something I had thought was lost in the mail. I sent out my Mail Art for the HOE a really long time ago - this sucker has been travelling for way over a month in the US and then Venezuelan Postal Service. I heard it finally got to Nela in Venezuela - and here are my snaps ....

this is the back with the flap open - and here is -

the front - without the stamps and Postal ink. I was totally sweating bullets over this as I thought by now it had gotten "lost." I even was whirling around some ideas for a re-stitch, but it arrived and all is well.

The second piece to arrive at it's new home on Friday was the ornament for Jill. She was the recipient for March and had wanted all her ornaments to have a Pine Tree theme - here is what I stitched...

I actually stitched this up twice - the first time was 2 over 2 and I thought it got a tad on the largish side.... so I restitched it 1 over 1 and it came out the way I wanted it to!! I have not done too much 1 over 1 as I just thought it would be tedious or just plain out of my sphere of expertise - but in doing this piece I really think there is more 1 over 1 in my future!! It was a super piece to stitch and I so enjoyed the 1 over 1 stitching!!

The third piece to arrive was a One On One Exchange I did with Sylviane - we decided to do a Quaker Pyn Keepe - and you all know I am a giant fan of the PK so I jumped at the chance fort eh exchange!!! Here is a snap of the exchange I sent...

and here is the Pyn Keepe - by itself -

I was really happy with how it turned out and so was Sylviane.

Saturday Dale and I ran around to the "sales" and here's a snap of my finds...

As you can see I now have my third Christmas Plate - so I am now officially a collector - I can not believe that these are out there and priced at a couple of dollars a piece!! They are really pretty - this one is called "Christmas Rose and Cat." I also found another little Icon - another of my collections..... and a black frame for a drawing from Jaden of our sweet Hunny. His mom is Rico's 1st cousin and they are such a great threesome - Curt (or is that Kurt - I can never remember???), Nicole and their dear son Jaden!!! Now we have it out for everyone to see!!!!

After running around we stopped and had lunch at -

You just can't beat a hot dog with relish, mustard and cheese in a sourdough roll!!!

My stitching over the weekend was focused on a new piece, like I didn't have a bunch of other things to work on - I jumped on the wagon with the "Lo Rose" stitchers....
here is my Rosey sampler as of last night -

I am loving this piece!!!! I am stitching it on 36ct Barn Owl using WDW - I did start off with the conversion that is in the book for the WDW - but it was sooooo pink - I am not sure if it was the dye lots of the floss or just what, but I pulled out a lot of the very pink stuff and reworked sections in WDW colours I liked!!

There was also a bunch of flickers - but I have babbled on enough today.

Thanks for stopping by!!
Take care,


Carol R said...

Lovely exchange pieces Edgar - especially love that tiny pyn keep - what Quaker pattern did you use?

What a sweet little picture that Curt/Kurt did for you both and you found just the perfect frame for it too.

Great start on Lo How a Rose. It seems to be the 'in' thing to stitch at the moment!

Jill said...

Thanks again for the great ornament you sent me.

I am sooooo glad that Nela finally received your mailart. I too, was worried. I'll never understand the mail system.

Take care,

Deb said...

What beautiful exchange pieces. The finishing was top rate as was the stitching. Love your Lo - I hope to stitch this someday too! I think you made great color changes!

Natasha said...

What a sweet little darwing. I love your PK that you stitched the blue bird is a nice touch. And good to hear the Mail Art fianlly arrived. It turned out great.
Take Care

doris said...

LHaR looks great. When so many of us have stitched something, it's fun to see what everyone does with it.

Brigitte said...

Your sent out some great exchnage pieces. They are all perfect, so nicely finished.
I LOVE the colour changes you made on Lo. Isn't it great to see so many different versions on the blogs due to different colours and fabrics used? I love that.

Jennifer/OH said...

What gorgeous exchange pieces. I need to get into another exchange and be your partner! All of your Quaker stuff is amazing.
The drawing by Rico's little cousin is so touching. What a wonderful tribute to Hunny.

Melody said...

Edgar, I really like your progress on Lo How a Rose... I started this piece last night.

I would be interested to know what colors you are using. Because after I pulled the colors, I wasn't sure that I liked them that much.

I pulled DMC floss for it, but I am thinking I like the variation in WDW, so, I may end up taking out my start and start over again with WDW.

If you wouldn't mind sharing your color choices, I'd be interested.


Erica said...

What lovely exchange pieces. Your recipients are very lucky folks!

Your plate is another amazing find (although I do happen to own this particular plate myself). It's a Royal Copenhagen piece and is presently valued at around $55. I wish I could be as lucky as you!

Shelleen said...

everything looks great, Edgar

staci said...

Wonderful exchanges Edgar! I had Nela for an exchange and mine took about a month too...what a relief that it showed up and you don't have to restitch!!!

Cindy F. said...

Beautiful exchanges!! Love the mailart!
and Lo is amazing! I have this pattern..Better Homes & Gardens Book...and I love your fabric and floss choices!! They are gorgeous together!!

Yoyo said...

OMG DH will be stunned to learn that Mel's is still in business!! One of our favorite haunts from way back when. Love your 'Rose', you are just good at color-picking. Young Jaden will be overjoyed to see his artwork on display when next he visits I'll bet.

Nelapx said...

Hi Edgar ... I love my gift. thank you very much. As I said before, the mail from my country is terrible, slow, and missing things, so I said well you Carol, it's because of my post, so if estravia, do not expect anyone Edge again for me and mine to keep everything I missing items. and so I do claim. but the certificates do not serve overseas in Venezuela, so that my best friends do not use this service, like the quick delivery, because it does not work here. Terrible ... in December I have lost 6 packages and I am embroidering again .. that's why I have decided to lower the amount of participation in exchanges, to see if my mail again returns to work, and everything for this government ... anything goes wrong the government now
Hola Edgar... yo estoy enamorada de mi regalo. muchas gracias. Ya lo he dicho antes,el correo de mi pais es terrible, es lento, y se extravian cosas, por ello bien le he dicho a Carol, es culpa de mi correo, por lo cual, si se estravia, no espero que nadie borde de nuevo para mi, y para evitar que los mios se extravien yo todo lo envio certificado. y asi puedo hacer reclamo. pero los certificados del extranjero no sirven en venezuela, asi que mejor que mis amigos no usen ese servicio, igual el envio rapido, pues aca eso no funciona. Terrible... yo en diciembre he perdido 6 paquetes, y estoy bordandolos de nuevo.. por eso he decidido bajar la cantidad de participacion en intercambio, a ver si mi correo de nuevo vuelve a funcionar, y todo por este gobierno... todo lo del gobierno ahora funciona mal