Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not much for a Hump day!!

It is the middle of the week and I haven't a thing to say - or do I!!!!!!

Last night I finished up the Winter Quaker exchange piece - so no snaps of that yet. I saw that the piece that Margaret made for Ellen had arrived and it is simply gorgeous!!! Go have a look on Margaret's blog. I have been working on coordinating another HOE Exchange - Woodland Exchange for Arbor Day.... there is also a Bookmark Exchange being coordinated by Annette - so - If you are a member in good standing with the HOE or HOE II stop by and give them a look.

The flicker last night was "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" - 2008. Starring the voices of Drew Barrymore as Chloe but played by Angel and a host of others!! A really fun but predictable movie. Just remember they are "TINY but MIGHTY!!!!!".

That's about it for today - It is still windy, rainy and cold -
but that is how it is supposed to be here in the winter.

Thanks for stopping by -

Take care,

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