Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Exchange received and some stitching

Karen received the PS Year Long Exchange piece that I sent.
Here is a snap -

It is such fun working up a PS design - I am such a fan!!!!! Now for round two!!!

I worked on finishing up on my Winter Quaker piece and that is almost finished - It only has short distance to go so I can mail pretty close to the date.

The comments yesterday really gave me a giggle - as I think you either love 'em or hate 'em - and I am referring to Brussels sprouts - We get them beacuse I can't get Rico to eat a vegetable any bigger than a gnats eyelash - he is really picky and sprouts are one of the few veggies he will eat - I love veggies all kinds in fact every kind except zucchini - I just can't get that down (gag) - ever!! But, back to the sprouts - Margaret described exactly how I fix them and Rico will eat them - so delicious!!! The only difference is that I will use an iron skillet instead of a cookie sheet - when I can, I always opt for the black iron skillet!! The blackened crunchy leaves are just the best!!!! You can also do parsnips this way and they are so good!!!!

Last night the flick was "Philadelphia Story" - 1940 - starring Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart - such a good movie - and remade as a musical - "High Society" - 1956 - starring Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby - a good version with a few minor variations in the story.

Thank you all for the nice comments about the ABC piece - it is a really nice piece to stitch.

Once again my dears I bid you adieu - do stop back by tomorrow
......same bat time same bat channel -

Take care -


Carol R said...

Parsnips! Now you are talking my vegetables - I love these roasted in the oven alongside the beef and roast potatoes!

Love Karen's exchange piece!

Sherry said...

I totally love brussle sprouts! Steamed is the way I like them! I love any veggie steamed! Just keep brocolli away from me -- ugh! LOL. Love your PS stitch!

Becky K in OK said...

I love the YLPS exchange piece you got from Karen. Matter of fact, I love the exchange too!

You are so fortunate to be able to get just picked fresh fruits and vegetables. The brussel sprouts look wonderful.

My grandma would fry, ie, sautee, her parnips. Yum, I can still remember them. I seldom eat them any more because they are so costly in our stores.

Enjoy your treats.

karen said...

thank you so much Edgar for the pinkeep! I love it! It's in the basket of goodies (other pinkeeps, biscournus) on my dresser.

yummy brussel sprouts! but i have never cooked them from raw. i always buy the frozen ones by green giant. LOL I am the only one here that will eat them.

Anonymous said...

Okee dokee Edgar! Have you tried zucchini this way? Cut them in half across and lengthwise. Then cut them like you would potato wedges. Make a light egg wash of egg and water and make a dredge of fine italian bread crumbs mixed heavily with parmesan cheese (the old-sprinkle-on-your-spaghetti-when-you-were-a-kid-kind, and I do mean lots!). Toss the zucchini wedges in the egg wash and shake off the excess then dredge them in the crumb mixture, coat 'em up good. Bake them in the oven at 350 for about 30 mins. Just give it a try!

valerie said...

Lovely exchange you did for Karen! And Philadelphia Story. Another one of my favorites. I'm a sucker for either Hepburn. I will try to get BF to watch it with me...that one and Bringing Up Baby...that one always makes me laugh!

Julianne said...

Hi Edgar,

I love the PS pinkeep that you did.

I love vegetables too! How do you feel about zucchini in that quick bread known as zucchini bread? I'm just curious, because you really wouldn't know it's in there unless someone told you.

doris said...

Ooooooh, Philadelphia Story! I love that movie. Just thinking about it makes me laugh.

Stitches 'N' Stones said...

Great finishes Edgar!

Brigitte said...

I completely agree with you. Whatever Prairie Schooler project I stitch on it's always pure fun to stitch it. I love the designs and the colours, and the fact that it's all DMC thread because I can just choose and start without ordering the threads first.
Your ornament for Karen is adorable.

Sylviane said...

I love this little pinkeep !
But I don't like Brussels sprouts so much, even if I live in Belgium !

Conny said...

Hi Edgar,

You have a nice blog. I love the pinkeep that you made for PSexchange!