Thursday, March 5, 2009

Arriving Gift and RR - a Movie - and a Gaggle of Nasties

Yesterday the mail brought a gorgeous gift from a super person - Becky S sent me a most wonderful thing - Shepherd's Bush - "Sail Away" - this is a piece I have admired for so long and now with such a super friend - I have a great piece to stitch this summer.

Thank you so much dear friend!!!!! Becky recently finished stitching this lovely thing last week
I also received Hannah's RR from the Witching for Stitching RR - it is really nice with all the PS designs - and I have already picked out what I am gonna stitch...

My own stitching was on an exchange.... and we all know what that means... no snapperoos.

The flicker last night was "The Ultimate Gift" - 2006 - a mostly predictable film with a twist on the end. With that being said - I also want to say what a nice and feel good film it is - and very watchable!!! A (and I hate to use this kiss of death term) true Family film - where ones life is a gift - and that gift is to be shared. I defy anyone to watch this film and not get that chokey lump in their throat!!!!

After the film I watched the 2 hour first instalment of "America's Next Top Model - and is it just me or are the gals in this Cycle 12 a most snarky gaggle you ever did see!!! Usually there are just one or two "interesting" contestants but it seems that all of them this time are "interesting" and a couple are true skanks - AND most are truly bitchy and mean!! I know that "bitchy and mean" makes for what passes for good TV and will keep those numbers/ratings up..... but really the evil that will play out on this show over the next few weeks is gonna be just nasty!!!
....... And I will be there for every show!!!

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Carol R said...

Great gift from Becky - she is such a sweetie!

karen said...

lovely gift from Becky! What channel is America's Next Top Model on?? I haven't seen the new ones in awhile?? They used to be on MTV. i love that show. LOL

Jennifer/OH said...

Damn, I missed the the opening of this seasons f ANTM!! I thought I programmed that into the memory thingy on the TV. Oh well, I get my fill with the "weekend marthons" they've been showing lately. I love that show. I think it is my secret ambition to dump all this stitching and crafting and be a bitchy super model. "America's Next Huge, Fat, Paranoid, Self-Conscious,Choc-a-holic, Bad Hair, No Style Top Model" I am!!