Monday, January 19, 2009

Some Weekend and Stitchy News

I heard that another exchange piece had arrived. I am in an ornament exchange with some dear stitchers and I have heard that Cathy has gotten her ornament - she is the recipient for January. Here is a snap -

The pattern is from Heartstring Primitives and is called "Peace on Earth." I wanted it to feel like an old sampler piece. The ribbon for hanging is attached with two antique mop buttons. I am so glad that Cathy likes it as I really enjoyed stitching it together. Tuula has posted some snaps of the flat fold I made her. That piece was for the MAW exchange.
I have another MAW in the works for Jill - she wants a Brightneedle piece - now which one to do - they are all so very nice???

I received on Friday the very last exchange from the SBEBB - "Winter House" and my exchange partner was Becky K - and she stitched me a super little pillow - here is a snap of the entire exchange she sent me -

and a close up of the lovely stitched piece -

Knowing what a nut I am for the PS designs she chose a perfect one!!
Thank you so much Becky for everything!!!

On Saturday we went out Garage Saleing and Junque Shopping
- Here is a snap of the treasures I picked up -

I got the 5 Quart Casserole for $5 and the Christmas plate for $10 both at Goodwill shops. I didn't find a thing at any of the Garage Sales or the two Estate Sales we visited - that's the breaks sometimes there is just nothing out there to get!!

A new discovery for us was a Co-Op Bakery called Arizemendi - on 9th Avenue.
Just the best!!! I picked up some bialies for Sunday -

Talk about being in Hog Heaven!! I love these things - and usually by the time I get up and going the two bakeries on 24th street are out - BTW these were ever so much better than the ones that I can get closer to my home. If you ever get to SF and find your self in the inner Sunset on 9th Ave between Irving and Judah stop in and pick yourself up something. Next time we go - and there will be a next time - I am getting some of their coffee cake - something they are well know for!!!!

Yesterday I had a new start - "Le Jardin" - It is a really nice piece to stitch - here is a snap of what I have done so far.

I went with the Heritage since the mottled effect has a green tint that really goes well with the over dyed floss' that I am using. The original pattern called for only DMC but I shifted all the colours to over dyed and expanded the palette a bit to include an extra red and blue. The snap sorta sucks since I took it last night around 10:30pm - but you get the idea.

One of the movies I watched this weekend was "The Robe" - 1953 starring Richard Burton, Jean Simmons and Victor Mature. Such a really nice and BIG movie. Big actors, big sets, big scenes, big music and a BIG story..... I really enjoyed this and had not seen it for a really long time. The ending was a bit much but it was Hollywood in the 1950's. A great movie for Easter. Another film from the weekend was from last night on TCM - they showed "Bye, Bye Birdie" - 1963 - starring Dick Van Dyke (his first movie), Janet Leigh and Ann-Margaret. I am a sucker for this movie and always have been!! Who wouldn't want to visit Sweet Apple, Ohio for a little while - AND - who isn't mesmerized by Ann-Margaret as Kim McAfeee (Her second movie - her first was being the daughter to Bette Davis in Frank Capra's "Pocket Full of Miracles" - 1961, BTW another wonderful movie!!)

That's about all I can inflict on you today - Thanks for stopping by!!!

Take care,


DaisyGirl said...

Great exchange! Love that PS! Great Christmas plate you found. I know my Mom would go gaga over it! hahaLife is short! Hug everyone you know!
Hugs to you!

Quirky said...

As usual your stitching is gorgeous! The sheep and the house on the flat fold are very cute. The exchange you received is lovely, too. I've not heard of bialies before your post....they look and sound scrumptious! Your piccie and description has inspired me to look for a recipe. Op shopping and mooching in is always fun....whether a treasure is found or not! Le Jardin is lovely...very nice colours. Enjoy your week.

Western Australia

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

I love the colors in your WIP Edgar...good choice...and that looks so pretty. Keep up with your beautiful stitching.

Take care & Happy Stitching

Kendra said...

My mom has that exact same casserole dish...and many of its friends. She's had them for as long as I can remember, and by now, some have broken from years of use and have been replaced. But I know she still has some with that blue flower pattern.

Love the little PS reindeer pillow!

I tried to watch "Bye Bye Birdie" last night but just couldn't get into it. It didn't help that my watching kept getting interrupted by various things...maybe I can catch it again sometime.

Carol R said...

Great exchanges and a lovely start on Le Jardin!

staci said...

That's a really pretty ornament you made for Cathy~~I'm sure she loves it!

And if that bialy was half as delicious as it looks, then it must have been a real treat!

Lisa said...

Which PS pattern is that gift from? I love it and would love to get the pattern. Thanks! And I love your stitching and your other great finds!

Nic said...

There's some lovely stitching there, but I wanted to comment on the Pyrex dish, as I have some of the same design! My original piece was a wedding present to my parents (41 years ago!) and I've found other pieces in charity shops since. Lucky you to find the lid - my last one broke :o(

BW said...

What wonderful exchanges, sent and received!

Amazed to find out I'm not the only Bye Bye Birdie fan. Hubby got tired of listening to me talking about it and got it for me for xmas. Made him watch it with me. I get a kick out of the fact that the next year both Ann-Margaret and the director did Viva Las Vegas. :)

valerie said...

Lovely exchanges Edgar! I love Arizmendi too. Hard for me to get to but their scones are amazing and I love that they serve co-op Nicaraguan coffee.

Kathryn said...

The area around 9th Avenue and Irving has always had tiny, good restaurants and bakeries. We used to show cats in the Hall of Flowers in Golden Gate park and walked down to El Gordo for burritos (I still think they make the best burritos in town and I love their corn quesedillas.) There used to be a Just Dessert bakery and a good Greek restaurant there, too. But we haven't been in that part of town for ages. Glad you have found a good reason to go back.

We have a LOT of pryex dishes, but most of them are ivory blank or in the pattern called Spice of Life. Pretty hard to find in thrift stores. I'm sorry they stopped making them. Most people don't even know you can use them on a stovetop. They just think it is oven and microwave ware. We use them every day.

Yoyo said...

Goodness, Edgar, you and your readers are giving away your young age! It's not a "pyrex" dish at all. It is from the original "Corning Ware" series. It was all the rage when I first started cooking. It came in full sets of "pots and pans" had a large and small frying pan, and then they came out with sets of dishes too. There was a detachable handle too, you bought only one or two handles and used them on everything. They also had their own little wire holder that you used to set the hot 'pots' on the table. Their big selling point was they could go from freezer to table without you having to dirty a second dish, at the time this was a huge innovation -- and they were absolutely unbreakable and all stacked inside each other for space saving storage. I would imagine they were the biggest competition "pyrex" had at the time.

Oh, I also love your stitcy news today, but the "pyrex" gave me a really big laugh, which is always fun on a Monday.

The Robe is one of my favorite movies too. But it's one of those where the ending almost destroys the previous movie, how hokey was that ending? And they could have done it a hundred better ways.

Erica said...

Looks like a great exchange and some great stitching going on!

Your plate that you found has some serious value to it - keep it safe. They are collected by many Danes (including me, although I collect the Mors Dag (mother's day)) plates rather than the Christmas plates. Being Royal Copenhagen, it's value currently is around $50 US. It'll go up though!

Enjoy your new goodies *and* the great deal you got on that plate!

Anonymous said...

Fairly new to the stitching blogs, what do SBEBB and MAW stand for?

Connie said...

I love watching your creations grow. They are lovely. About that Christmas plate you found at the garage it Swedish? We have a collection of 6 plates that look similar dated from 1969-74 that were gifts from a Swedish company Chuck. I would love to know if yours is part of the company's collection.
Connie Spencer