Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mail coming and Going and a film...

I received a really lovely Biscornu from Carol yesterday as Part of one the last SBEBB exchanges - ABC Exchange - I have really enjoyed all the exchanges I have participated in on the SBEBB and will always be grateful for the encouragement and support from fellow stitchers - Thank you so much dear Becky!!!!! - The piece that Carol sent was of course just prefect -

It is the December Quaker Biscornu from the Workbasket done on Silkweaver - Solo Newcastle - 40 ct linen - the floss is HDF Garnet - could it be more perfect - I love Christmas, Quaker and red!!! It has my initials on the upper left corner - in the right corner is DEC for December and the bottom two corners have the year - Thank you so much Carol!!!!

I worked a little on Valerie's QFRR - here is a progress snap -

The two little bits above the wreath - I was busy finishing up the MAW for Tuula - which is going in the mail this morning - also going into the mail is Donna's Halloween RR to Terry. I am expecting to get any day now Donna's LHN RR from last year that she finally got back - I think I have a chart picked out but I want to see the piece in person to make sure it fits with the rest of the filled squares.

I think I am catching up as the heaps of paperwork are going down - I have not gotten to do any catch up reading blogs - so am feeling left out of the all mighty stitching loop that I just know is whirling away out there!!!!!!

One of the films I saw over the Holidays is a really great film called "Joyeux Noel" - 2005 - based in a true story of Christmas 1914 in the trenches - a really good film and not your typical Holiday fare - I would highly recommend seeing this 116 min flick.

Thanks for stopping by!!!!
Thank you all for the nice things you had to say yesterday!!!!!

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Kathy A. said...

Lovely biscornu from Carol. The Quaker RR is gorgeous. Nice work

Carol R said...

A gorgeous biscornu from Carol.

Nice start on Valerie's RR - I just love her colour choices!

Quirky said...

Fabulous biscornu. Very nice to be personalisted, too with your initials. I'm getting hooked on those little suckers! The Quaker RR is beautiful...lovely colours.

Western Australia

Sharon said...

What a pretty biscornu and how special that it's so "you" w/ the details! What a pretty quaker piece - it's going to be stunning! Welcome back to blogging - you were missed!!! :)

Mary said...

Very lovely biscornu and the QFRR is looking so pretty. Great color selection.

Von said...

Hi Edgar, I haven't stopped to leave a comment for awhile, but wanted you to know I've been enjoying all the stitching you've featured lately - so many exchanges and round robins it makes my head spin! :D

Wendy said...

That is a gorgeous biscornu! And lovely work on Val's RR. Its been so long since I worked on one of these!

Lucy said...

Your Quaker RR is so pretty...I love the color!

Sherry said...

Edgar, I was just over at the Twisted Stitcher Blog and saw YOUR Halloween RR. It is amazing! The fabric is simply wonderful. Is it hand dyed? That will be one beautiful project when it's done.

Milly~ said...

I love the quaker biscornu, Carol did an awesome job. Aren't stitchers just fabulous.