Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Last night was kind'a busy - but first.......

....let me say how nice it was to have all the affirmations in the comment area and all the positive emails I got about what I wrote yesterday. I was so afraid that I might have been in the minority with my feelings towards exchanging and exchanges in general. I wasn't trying to stir up a bees nest or poke a bear or anything - goodness knows if I wanted to be controversial I could write about a million other things here to get things stirred up...... but it comes right down to the majority of stitchers out there understand that it is the wonderful stitched piece of art made with love and giving that is the important thing - and our skill levels are all over the place - but I think everyone does their absolute best!!! All anyone has to do is to look back through the snaps on any of the exchange blogs to see all the beautiful stitching and finishing going on out there - (as for me I am still terrified to try to finish a biscornu).

Now on to my busy little evening.

First up I finished Valerie' RR so that I can get that in the mail tomorrow - Here is snap -

It was a dream to stitch as the silks are like butter - Valerie chose Belle Soie - Creme de Menthe (and you know how I love me some Belle Soie) and the golden colour is Birch Bark by Gloriana and is also just lovely to stitch with. This is done on a 36 ct linen. For some reason I anticipated having trouble stitching on such small count linen - but not a bit of any problem for the whole section. On to Rowyn in the morning.

Yesterday the mails brought a wonderful exchange from Wendy Jo - it was the Valentines Exchange from the HOE. Here is snap of the lovely package she sent -

Wendy Jo used a pattern from the 2003 JCS Ornament issue called "A Needle worker's Pocket." She finished it as a Pyn Keepe - I just love it!!! Already it is sitting out on the stand in our living room looking quite festive for the upcoming Holiday. Included in the package was a great piece of fabric for finishing some over dyed floss' and a delicious piece of dark chocolate. Such a lovely package - Thank you so much Wendy Jo!!!!!!

The evening started off with another exchange I am in - with Swap Bot - it is a home made candy/cookie exchange. For my partner I wanted to try making something new so I decided to make chocolate covered cherries. On Monday evening I covered the cherries with fondant and then last night I dipped them in chocolate - and here is a snap.....

Those suckers turned out really nice IMHO! - I also made some Haystack Noodle Cookies to go along with the cherries - I have made the cookies before and they always turn out - how could even I screw up a no-bake cookie!!! These goodies will be packed up and in the mail in the morning - a nice thing for Valentines Day - the recipe says to let them sit around for a week or so to "cure" - but I tried one (just to make sure they weren't terrible) and it tasted really nice to me already!

I forgot to say a great big THANK YOU to Carol R as she has nominated me for a "Fabulous Blog Award." That was so kind of her - she is such a sweet person!! I am supposed to pass on the Award to 5 of my favorite Blogs - so here goes...


I read through dozens of Blogs all the time - and these are just 5 of the many dear people that take the time and energy to write and post about their stitching lives - thank you so very much for sharing!!!!

There you go another day in the life of edgar!

Thanks for stopping by!!!
Take care, and do come again!!!


  1. I don't even like chocolate covered cherries but those look good enough to eat! ;)

  2. Do you ever sleep? Your energy and creativity are either intimidating or inspiring, I haven't figured it out yet. I love chocolate covered cherries, but must be allergic because I break out in fat on my hips when I eat them. LOL Have a safe and healthy day.

  3. Oooh, the chocolate covered cherries look great. And there seems to be masses of them! Surely you didn't send them ALL away?
    Lots of great stitching going on at your place. Setting myself up for a "stitch-a-thon" today. 6inches of snow and it's still falling. Gymnastics practice already canceled, so the day lays out before me..........

  4. Oh, I love chocolate covered cherries. I still remember my great grandmother would let me have one out of her Christmas box oh so many years ago. They just don't make them like in the "olden" days. Believe me, I know because I've tried them all! Your's look so fabulous.

    Your stitched pieces are wonderful too. The cherries just struck a fond memory for me.

  5. Wow Edgar! Wish I were your chocolate exchange partner. They look wonderful. Your partner will be delighted I'm sure.

  6. Oh, Edgar, you rock! Thanks for the shout out! I'm just humbled that you would think me worthy to be in your stitchy company..I am just continually blown away by your work and wonderful attitude. I hope I can live up to the compliment.

    P.S. Please pass the cherries.

  7. Wow, a post chock full of such wonderful stuff! My QFRR is looking great! I am getting excited...just two more sections to be stitched before it comes back home! And those chocolate covered cherries look so yum! Can I come over to try one? I think I'm starting to drool just thinking about one. Yum! And the exchange from Wendy Jo is terrific...all that red. My favorite color! Sounds like it was a wonderful day!

  8. Looks like you had a lovely day. Those candies look just sumptuous!!! I love the Needleworker's Pocket you received, no wonder it went on display so quickly. Biscornu are absolutely super easy to make. Here is a really good tutorial if you are interested. Finishing School-Biscornu. Lots of really good pictures and it's even in English.

  9. Love the Pyn keep. And the fabric. Now how can you talk about a no bake cookie and not post the recipe ;)

    Those cherries look to pretty to eat.

  10. Gorgeous stitching. And high-count linen can be easier to work on than low-count linen if you have the right materials. I'd surely say that Belle Soie is the right-est material going. LOL.

    May I ask you very nicely if you'd post your haystack cookie recipe? I've been trying to make these with my kids, but the recipes I've tried just don't hold together right. Of course, the fault could be mine ... :0

  11. The stitching is gorgeous. I just fell in love with Belle Soie Creme de Menthe while stitching my latest LHN piece. Gorgeous green color... Valerie's piece is looking beautiful.

    Jump in and do a biscornu, Edgar! It's not as difficult as I feared.. it's just a little time consuming in putting together the final piece, but it's worth it. You'd soon become a pro at them like you are with your gorgeous pynkeepes!

    Your cherries have made me hungry. Off to find goodies!

  12. great finish on the RR. love love love the exchange you rec'd. And the chocolate covered cherries look very yummy even to me who can't stand the taste of them. LOL

  13. Gasp... You made those yourself??? Is there anything you *can't* do?
    Love your addition to the gorgeous RR.

  14. Mmmmm... chocolate covered cherries.... Those would be perfect to do for my chocolate party coming up!

    And the RR looks fantastic, such beautiful colours!

  15. Your award is well deserved Edgar! I always have a daily 'Edgar' fix! LOL

    Now those cherries - I am sure they have my name on them? They look absolutely yummy and I am quite willing to share them if I really have to :o)

    Beautiful pinkeep from Wendy Jo.

  16. edgar - Just found your blog and love, love, love it. Stitchin and flicks - what a combo! And now the choc-o-cherries - fabuloso!

  17. Yikes all that chocolate brought a craving!!!!

  18. WOW! You are amazing, Edgar. You really have the knack for beautiful presentation.

  19. Glad you love your exchange Edgar :)

    MMMM those choc. covered cherries look really DO have my address you know...hehehe

    give the biscournu a try..if I can do it..anyone can!

  20. Edgar, you are one talented man--beautiful stitching and those chocolates look to die for! Congrats on those!

  21. Valerie's RR looks fantastic, wonderful colours and motifs. She will be delighted when she gets it back. I also love the pinkeep you received from Wendy Jo. Such a nice assembly of little motifs.

    But you know I have looked at this blog entry several times - because of the chocolate cherries. Delicious! The best kind of sweets in the world.