Thursday, January 22, 2009

It was a busy evening...

... not really doing anything all that great, but just busy. We had to run out to the mall. Where we a gourmet dinner at Hot dog on a Stick!! A guilty pleasure but you just can't beat that really sour lemonade they serve!!! The fabulous dinner wasn't the only reason for the journey - I had finished a book so I needed to get another to read. I also had to pick up the most recent copy of Majesty - a magazine I have always enjoyed. They read up very fast but the articles are interesting and I am a total hog for Royal History. The book I just finished is a new book called "Versailles: A Biography of a Palace." by Tony Spawforth. A very good read about the Palace and not a coffee table book. The book I picked up is called "Saving Savannah: The City and the Civil War" by Jacqueline Jones. With my family being from low country Georgia I am always interested in anything written about the area and especially about Savannah. I have read really good things about this book so I am ready to enjoy a good read.

We got home in time to catch a very good movie on TCM - now you are totally surprised about that aren't you!! - This month the Movie Star of the month is Jack Lemon and last night they were showing "Bell Book and Candle" - 1958, starring Kim Novak, Jimmy Stewart and Jack Lemon. If you have never seen this movie you should!! A nice adult comedy about a modern day witch and her family. Very entertaining and the sets are sleek and modern - take special note of the Christmas Tree in Gillian's home. Thank you Alex for the nice comment yesterday about Deanna Durbin's movies - and telling us about the Deanna Durbin site - "Deanna Dirbin Devotees" - they is some very interesting info!!!!

In the stitching department - I worked on some exchange stitching and packed up the Valentines Exchange for mailing this morning - so there are no snaps. :( Thank you all for the super nice things about Le Jardin. Since I shifted all the floss from lite DMC colours to richer/darker over dyed shades I did wonder how they would look together.

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Anonymous said...

I love Majesty too! I just finished Tales of Beetle the Bard (a Christmas gift)and it was a fun little read. My sister and I have decided that the young adult section has the most fun reads.

Rowyn said...

I used to buy Majesty when I was a child and a teenager. I used to have a huge collection of royal magazines, books, articles, stamps etc... it was an obsession which started when Charles and Diana came to my hometown in the early 80s, and my obsession continued until the late 90s! I still like the Royals (even Camilla), but don't collect anything anymore (although I did buy a pile of Royal paperbacks last year... guess it's not completely gone, lol).