Friday, June 8, 2007

Stash buying and an Ebay aquisition

On Wednesday my LNS, Needle in a Haystack over in Alameda called to let me know about an order for floss that had come in so last night we trotted over there, boy the traffic on the Bay Bridge was gruesome..... anyways..... and I couldn't pass up a chance to get a few other things. The floss I had ordered was for Serenity, specifically the border. As I near the end of the bits in the body of the piece I will be starting the leaf border. I wanted the floss to be from the same dye lot since this is that over dyed stuff that can be so different from dye lot to dye lot within the same colour. The ladies in the shop are so nice and I had them order it for me. The two colours are "Sassy Brass" and " Camouflage." I also picked up some of those gold needles that I really like . There was also a trunk show of Halloween and fall things out, my favorite time of the year. I picked up from Cedar Hill a small kit called "Autumn Bouquet." It will be a quick stitch but a lot of fun for Thanksgiving. The last thing I got was a pattern from The Workbasket called Quaker Odds, surprise something Quaker inspired.

I just got this yesterday in the mail. I won it on Ebay. I am really a nut for these Quaker patterns (could you tell) and "The Goode Huswife's" patterns are just great. The only problem is that she is no longer designing and so I have acquire them on the secondary market, and sometimes they are just really expensive to get. I have been trying for months to get this one and have lost it a couple of times. The next one I am after is the 1798 one. I have lost that a couple of times but will eventually get it. If anyone out there knows of one that is available then let me know. That's about all for now. This weekend one of my friends is throwing what he is calling "The Big Hat Party." There should be some interesting pictures taken.....we will see come Monday.

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Margie said...

Hi Edgar, Garland Fair is gone but I still have Secret Garden. Email me and we can work it out if you are interested. Margie