Tuesday, June 5, 2007

B Potter SAL update

I did no x stitching over the weekend and even had to move the BP SAL to last night. It was just a very busy and socially committed weekend.
Here is the growing BP sampler. I am liking the spidery effect of the flower bunches.

I also got this weekend a copy of ROOTS the 30th anniversary addition. I remember this when it first aired on the TV, boy does that make me feel old, like in "where's my walker" kind of old.....
So I started to watch it last nigh and got through the first instalment. It is amazing what the audience of yesterday would buy as Africa the audience of today certainly would not. I will get through the entire thing before I go on about it. I also got to see this weekend a movie form 1950 called, "Three Came Home." It stars Claudette Colbert as a writer living in Borneo on the eve of WWII and after the Japanese takeover of the island she and her family are thrown into internment camps. Very well acted by Claudette .... and worth a look. It is brutal in places but nothing like the graphic brutality in the 1997 "Paradise Road." PR was very realistic where TCH was a very cleaned up version of the camp experience, both very good and worth a look.

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Carol said...

Love it - your color choices for this are excellent!