Friday, May 25, 2007

Starting on the Alphabet, Saprano's and Charlotte's Web....

I Have started the Alphabet on top. Not too much done so far as I have been busy trying to get things ready for my upcoming vacation in 2 weeks. I did finish the lower bottom left medallion but in my rush to get out of the house this morning neglected to snap a pic of it. That will come on Tuesday as I do all my uploading and blogging from work. The dinosaur of a computer that I have at home just duz not cut it for this kind of stuff. We start on the Beatrix Potter SAL over at Quaker Inspired on Sunday, I am really excited as I have been wanting to do this sampler for quite a while.

No Soprano's on Sunday and only 2 more to go, what will I do on Sunday nights!!!!!! I hope it does not end in a blood bath but I think we are skidding along out of control towards that inevitable ending. Only time will tell.

I belong to a DVD rental club GreenCine which is kinda like NetFlix, but based here int he Bay area.... it is where you continually have 2 DVD's in rotation through the mail. Last night I got the new "Charlotte's Web." Now I was all jacked up to really not like this movie as I have always adored the book and other writings of EB White, and the cartoon I grew up on AND the really big AND....... I often do not care for Dakota Fanning, as with most children/actors I feel they either over act or just trade on being cute for the camera..... all that said I totally enjoyed that movie. My tastes in Movies tend to be from the 30's through the early 60's with a few contemporary titles thrown in for good measure...... but C'sW I thought really captured the felling of the timelessness of the story and the good feeling that one can come away with when something is done right. I would suggest that if you haven't seen this flick then give it a chance, you will be pleasantly surprised, I certainly was!!!!

Have a great weekend......


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