Friday, May 11, 2007

The puppies, SF and some needlework

Happy Friday, I thought I would start off with the three rulers of my roost. First there is Peaches, the buff 4 year old, then there is Hunny, the 14+ year old frosty faced little girl and finally there is Pete our white 7 year old nervous little man. The rule the house and boy do they know it!!!!

This picture is looking east towards downtown SF and the Bay Bridge with the glorious fog just rolling in from the Bay. We have had 2 days of really warm weather, or I should say warm for here, upper 80's. But , I always say if I wanted to swelter in the heat I would have stayed in Florida......

Now for some of the needlework....this is a closeup of my favorite section on the piece called "Serenity" my current wip. The flosses are from Crescent Colours and are called Just Rust and Tartan Plaid. The next picture is what I have done so far, I've only been working on it for a couple of weeks so it is not too far along yet.
That's about it for today....... more to come on Monday. The weekend will be fantastic as I have Saturday off and will be visiting both The De young and Legion of Honor museums to see the temporary exhibits.



Annemarie said...

Hi Edgar, I just found your blog via a link (can't remember which one). I love what you're stitching, and I really like your chatty posts!

Carol said...

Love your Serenity! I have this kitted up with the VC silks...someday... I really hope to stitch it! I will keep checking in on yours for inspiration!