Thursday, May 10, 2007

Posting some pictures

A hobby of mine that I have picked back up from being away from it for a long time is cross stitching. I have gone just nuts finding all sorts of things out there to stitch and make. I have built up quite a stash over the past few months. Now that I think I have tackled my new camera I think I will try and post some of the things I have worked up.

The first is Quaker Garden, a really nice piece to work up. I used the recommended RR Repro fabric and the WDW floss.

Another piece I really enjoyed making in February was from a Kit by Alyce Schroth, The Pennsylvania Motif Sampler. She designs samplers based on historic pieces and styles from the 18th century. This one is worked on 32/34 Lisbeth natural Linen using the hand dyed silk floss included, 1 over two. It was a real joy to work and the first time I had used silk in a project and I must say that I really enjoyed the silk and the look of the piece.

I have just spent 20 mins trying to move the pic around and have yet figured it out. I will post and then get back.....


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