Thursday, June 7, 2018

My Papa's Birthday

Gentle would have been my Grandfather's 111th Birthday... 
here's a photo from the past...

.... I'm pretty sure this was taken in the summer of 1968 in Mississippi... I totally remember this red swingset with the bright yellow plastic seats that was in our backyard.  The picture would have been taken by my Dad in the Summer.  My Grandparents would visit us in the summer and also at Christmas.  I think I'm holding up a Matchbox car ... don't you love my bowl cut.... who would do this you a child, I ask you!!  My Dad cut my hair until I hit middle school and started to hit those teenage years and I think the haircut fight was one my Dad gave up on.....  there were much bigger fish to fry so to speak!! 

There you go sports fans, again thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. I think you were adorable - bowl cut and all. My dad didn't give up the haircut fight until I was probably 15. It was a major point of contention between us.

  2. Great photo... thanks for sharing your memories with us!

  3. I remember swing sets like that, with those seats! It's a great picture, Edgar and brings back memories for me too.

  4. Dearest Edgar: I am totally in love with this photo, it shows how cute you both are, 111 years of age I bet he was a hoot, he looks like he was a good Grandfather.


  5. I love old photos! This one is so sweet....those expressions on everyone's face. Papa looks so happy. I'm sure this photo brings back precious memories for you.

  6. Such a cute picture and wonderful memories!