Wednesday, April 11, 2018

We Need ... A Little Christmas....!!

Gentle Friends, last week while we were out downtown we happened to go into the Swarovski store and they already had...

... the 2018 Christmas Snowflake!! So I had to get one to add to my "snowflake" ornament collection.  You may remember that I collect both these crystal snowflakes and the Gorham sterling snowflakes.  This year's snowflake is nice and simple and I think really pretty.   My mom started me and my siblings on these years ago and I've just kept up the yearly acquisition.  It's nice when Christmas rolls around and the tree goes up to put some of them on the tree and remember......

There you go sports fans, a little sentimental Wednesday!! 
Thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Gorgeous! How awesome that you've continued a tradition started by your mom. And you're right, we DO need a little Christmas!

  2. Christmas already?! What a lovely tradition.

  3. These really are pretty. We get them every year at work! I have mine hanging in my kitchen at the windows - lots of rainbow prisms all the time!!

  4. Beautiful. Started collecting the White House Christmas ornaments a few years ago

  5. Nice tradition, very pretty addition to your collection

  6. That is a beautiful ornament. I love trees that are filled with memories. My tree is definitely not a decorator tree. Even though they can be very pretty. I even have some fairly beat-up ornaments from my childhood.

  7. Love the snowflake! I have one that I rescued from the "junk table" at Dillard's one year for about $5.00! It's in that triangle shaped box, too!
    They shine so pretty on the tree!