Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A Little Dinning Out

Gentle Friends, last night we headed to the Castro for "Dining Out For Life."  A day-long event where local restaurants donate a portion of the proceeds to the SF AIDS Foundation.  A group of us went to the newly opened "Hamburger Mary's."  Now, I've lived so long in the City that I can remember going to this place when it was the iconic a totally fun brunch place called The Patio Cafe.  It's been closed and shuttered up for at least 16 years and finally a couple of months ago it finally reopened as Hamburger Mary's ...we had been wanting to get here so this was a perfect opportunity......

... we got there for an early dinner and the crowds hadn't yet gathered...

... known for hamburgers here are the choices...

... and flip the menu over and you find the libations...

we ordered some drinks and I got a really tasty "Dark & Stormy"...

... John got a really large Strawberry milkshake, which comes with a shot of vanilla Vodka...yummy!!

... I ordered a "Meaty Mushroom" burger....with a side of tots ...

...Rico ordered a Guacamole BJ with a side of seasoned fries...

... I think this is John's burger, it's a Barbra-Q Burger with a side of tots...

... instead of dessert, we had another round and this time I had an original Bloody Mary with a spicy rim... very good!!  Then the fun started.....

...Maleficent Towers from the House of Towers hit the floor... she worked the room...

... we really enjoyed the meal, company and show!!  It's a fun place and we'll be back!!

There you go sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. How fun! Those burgers, yum. Looks like you all had a good time!

  2. Dearest Edgar: This place looks like so much fun, the food looks fantastic, I am a hamburger freak I could eat one for lunch and one for dinner.


  3. Those burgers looked delicious!! What a fun time!

  4. I do not eat beef, but i will say they look delicious, just substitute for me. You guys always go to the most fun places, looks like a hoot and a half!

  5. Edgar,
    You had me at the Dark & Stormy...then I saw the plates of food!
    Looks like a great time for everyone!