Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A Little Brunch

Gentle Friends,  friends of ours whos Kitties we've watched in the past wanted have been trying to take us out to Brunch for the longest time.  We finally got it together last Sunday and headed to a New to Us place down on the Embarcadero called "Towns End."  It's actually on Townsend Street where it ends at King Street and The Embarcadero... It's owned and run by a lovely couple who are the chefs and overall good guys who do everything.......

... located in a newer complex of storefronts and apartments facing the Bay...

... every day they tweak the menu to reflect what's fresh or available...

.. there's Mary, head chef and running the open kitchen...David her husband was in the back and popping in and out I couldn't get my camera out fast enough to get a shot of him...

.. we had reservations, which are imperative for getting a table on the weekend, and within minutes of sitting down, the waitress landed this scrumptious basket of goodies on the table.  This place has restaurant seating and also a separate take-out bakery of all house-made baked treats!!   The basket held a selection of scones and different types of mini muffins... and then we ordered...

... Mindy had the "3 Chili Scramble"...

... Rico had Omelette with carrot/potato pancakes and apple compote...

... and Tom and I had the Eggs Benedict with housemade Turkey sausage and polenta...  
I didn't know before I went there but this is one of the signature dishes for Brunch they make and it was DE-Licious!!!!  

I know you saw on the menu all the different types of Mimosas they serve - so -  "why didn't edgar order a drink like he normally does at every meal??'...  and the answer is he doesn't like Mimosas....  now if there was a good ole Bloody Mary on the menu...... that's another story!!

... this is the view from the restaurant... looking at Pier 38 and the Bay...

... turning to the left and looking North you see the Bay Bridge...

... and as we walked back to the car this is another view looking out across the bay and the marina...

I would HIGHLY recommend this place.  It's in a lovely area, with great SF views, easy parking, tasty food...BUT...  get a reservation to guarantee a table as the waits can be very long.

There you go sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. I so love your restaurant reviews and all the mouthwatering pictures. (And of course the needlework as well).

  2. What a lovely place. All the food looks great, but those scones...yum. Oh to have a spot of tea and one of those scones. Just place me next to the window, I'll pull out my latest project and stitch away....well, until I get run out of the place by hungry customers wanting to sit down, that is. :) You always take us to the coolest places. Thank you for the lovely adventure. :)

  3. What a beautiful city you live in Edgar and so much to see!

  4. All that food looks so yummy, especially the assorted baked goodies!! Lovely view.

  5. What a wonderful place! Your breakfast looked amazing and I would have ordered the same thing. :) Such beautiful views, too. Love seeing all your pics of the SF area. I haven't been there for 40 years so I'm sure things are a lot different. It's fun seeing it through your eyes.

    Blessings - Julie

  6. Looks like a wonderful brunch and what a lovely part of the city!

  7. What a beautiful city you live in Edgar and so much to see!


  8. Yummo, looks like my favorite kind of brunch: classics with a twist! Beautiful views, too!