Monday, March 5, 2018

A Little Stitching

Gentle Friends, still stitching away on LSV and here's where I left off last night... you may recall, I converted all the called for DMC floss to various overdyed choices.... and I've had quite a few requests for this conversion...  so here goes...

The Linen I am using is 36ct Vintage Sand Dune

DMC 221 - GAST Mulberry
DMC 420 - GAST Heirloom Gold
DMC 780- - WDW Tigers Eye
DMC 869 - GAST Maple Syrup
DMC 924 - WDW Deep Sea
DMVC 936 -  WDW Bullfrog
DMC 3011 - WDW Moss
DMC 3012 WDW Molasses
DMC 3782 - GAST Cidermill Brown
DMC 3828 - CC Ye Olde Gold

The border is stitched using CC Wilderness, the Snow I'm stitching in with CC Snowball, the Sheep and all being stitched with CC Bamboo and the Pumpkins that are coming up will be stitched in GAST Gingersnap. There is also a second shade of Blue I'm using here and there that is GAST Freedom.  I think that answers the question about my conversion if you've other things to ask please feel free.

There you go sports fans!! Thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Takle care,


  1. Edgar dear, you are something else...a dynamo. Many
    thanks for those conversions.. great choices.

  2. This is very pretty Edgar. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  3. It's looking great! You chose one of my favorite linens and many of the floss colors I like.

  4. Outstanding work Edgar... as always. This is going to be a lovely piece!

    San Pedro, CA

  5. It's looking fabulous, I think I prefer them all on one piece of fabric.

  6. This is such a wonderful project!

  7. It's looking lovely, you are making great progress