Thursday, January 4, 2018

A Little More Christmas of 2017.... Part II

Gentle Friends, Sunday, Christmas Eve  I finished up the Lane Cake... HERE's the recipe I used... and here's a snap of the finished cake...

 ... I had never made one before, and I was leary of the minimal amount of frosting that it called for so I made a full batch....and I ended up with lots and lots of extra fluffy white and what does on do .... you try to use it I made some silly decorations with a jury-rigged pastry bag..... I couldn't find my real one.... and here's...

... the remnants in the kitchen sink.  Making this frosting brought back some really great memories as it was my mom's go-to recipe.... 7-Minute Frosting.  I had never tried to make it before but she made it all the time and always at Christmas for the Birthday cake.

I also made the mushroom filling... 

... for the main event for dinner the next day....  here's the menu...

Christmas Dinner 2017

(click for the recipe)
Roasted Winter Root Vegetables
Holiday Rice Pilaf
Parker House Rolls
Lane Cake

Then on Christmas Day, it all came together......

... here's a better shot of the flower arrangement Rico made for the table...


That's about it for today sports fans, I'll wrap up Christmas tomorrow, hopefully.  
Thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

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  1. What an amazing Christmas dinner--a beef Wellington! ��✨ Everything looks delicious and beautiful, a fairyland! I'd never heard of lane cake before, but it sounds wonderful, and your extra decorations came out wonderfully, especially in light of the makeshift pastry bag you had to use!

    I also have, if you will indulge me, a Christmas Question for you: (Now it'a quite possible I've inquired before and forgotten, so bear with me if so, please.) Have you and/or yours ever seen the 1970 musical production of "Scrooge"? It stars Albert Finney, and is full of great songs (and, I think, some adorable and great Scrooge-ing from Finney!) I was asking around this year at work, but literally No One had seen it! It was such a staple of my family during my childhood, I can't accept it is so little-known! It is viewable on YouTube in HD, even!

  2. Super elegant and are consummate hosts...
    Hope all well with you amidst the motion....please
    take care.

  3. Your Christmas table looks so inviting with delicious food

  4. Wow Edgar, your entire Christmas table is just gorgeous and looks like it belongs in the window of a gourmet's truly breath taking!
    Your Lane Cake is so beautiful and looks delicious, thanks for the recipe. I had never heard of it so what a joy to be able to see the recipe...I love the 7 minute frosting, what a "Mom recipe," as my Mom's go to was a 1-2-3 cake...I just might try putting them together ;)
    Thanks for the pic walk, and for the recipes...your menu made me drool, and the recipes were a treat!
    Have a great day

  5. Amazing cake!!! And your table was so lovely, as always. Rico’s flower arrangement was fabulous! Looks like a very special Christmas dinner.

  6. What a beautiful table. Rico's flowers are magnificent!! The food looks pretty good too!!!

  7. Edagr yor table always looks lovely!

  8. Dearest Edgar: Thank-you for sharing the recipe.
    I love seeing your holiday tables they are stunning and beautiful.
    The food looks way to good.


  9. I wish a very happy new year ! I don't let comments usually because my english is not very good but I follow your blog with a very great pleasure...

  10. The perfect flowers, place setting and dinner. Simple and elegant. Most of us ( well me anyway) always put too much food on menu and then regret the waste of leftovers, next year I am going to follow your example. Don't get me started on all the desserts I set out. 2018 will be different! Wishing you both a Happy and Healthy 2018.

  11. Your table is beautiful from the dishes, flower arrangement to the menu. It looks so pretty every Christmas. Happy New Year to you!