Friday, January 5, 2018

A Little more Christmas 2017 - Part III........ We Have a Fun Lunch

Gentle Freinds,  as I said before it seems that I slept late, napped a bunch and even squeezed in a little stitching.... towards the end of the Christmas Holiday Rico and I headed downtown to meet up with some friends for lunch... we went to a new place to us... Samovar

... Samovar is located in a lovely setting the Yerba Buena Gardens a green oasis with a super waterfall that you can walk under...

and the gardens from the east are overlooked by the Museum of Modern Art.... 
after walking around we headed up to the restaurant...

... there is a wall of tea tins and samovars just in case you didn't realize they served tea and eats here......

... I ordered the Rusian Pairing.... the tea is served in a small French press...  this is a not very efficient wat to serve tea, as it cools off way too fast, but it looked nice... and was very good...

.... with the Russian Pairing the borscht was very good the chicken salad in the sandwich was very good, the bread was far too big and the side salad was all right, a little bitter..... but again it all looked great...

.... Rico chose the English pairing and here's what he got, the quiche he said was excellent, again with the salad a little on the bitter side and a nice scone, which was on the crumbly and dry side, but still tasty...  overall it was a fun lunch ... I would say my overall impression with Samovar is that the location and views are top notch, the food and service were just alright and a bit on the expensive side, I think for tea-time I will go back to Lovejoy's.  But, the company was excellent and it was a fun time sitting and chatting away with everyone!!!

So that sort of wraps up the Christmas break for me, overall it went way too fast, but there were some fun times, good food super friends.  Thanks for stopping by do stop by again!!

Take care,


  1. Sitting here with over a foot of snow on the ground and temps in the single digits, I am so very envious of the green grass and sunny day pictures that you shared. That pretty waterfall would be frozen solid right now if it was in New York. Your meal looks delicious.

  2. Christmas break always goes too fast. But it does sound like you have some great memories of the time!

  3. Walking behind the waterfall, that sounds exciting.