Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Little Brunch

Gentle Friends, usually we get a quick breakfast of bagels and coffee at Noah's Bagels on Saturday Mornings.  Last Saturday, knowing it would be a long day of Estate sales (there were four of them) and the usual sifting of stuff at thrifty/consignment shops, we needed some fortification!!  

So, after two shops we stopped on Valencia Street, which BTW has become a corridor of fun restaurants here in the City, for a bite to eat.  We chose a new place to us, called Grub.

.... as you can see in the snap some folks just do not do well in the sun.....   

We got there as they opened up and so were sat quickly.  I got a great shot from our seat of the open kitchen (the mimosas they are known for were ready and waiting on the bar).......

 I got a couple of shots of the menu....

... and the back had the drinks.......
... I love that it is "Bottomless Mimosas" and then the next line is ....
 "Grub reserves the right to find the bottom!!"  

Rico usually gets eggs over hard and bacon.....
...and a Coke.....  while I was a bit more adventurous getting......

... the peanut butter french toast with fried chicken and egg with a side of cole slaw - I love me some fried chicken and so when I read the menu I was sold.  I wasn't too sure what would come when I ordered it - but what came was really tasty.  The French toast was flavoured with peanut butter as there was none to be seen, but I could really taste it, and the chicken breast was crispy and fried perfectly.  the over easy egg was done just right and there was maple syrup over all of it that added the the right note of sweetness.  The cole slaw was not very good and bit on the acidic side - hitting an odd note with the rest of the breakfast, but you can't knock home run out of the park every time.   The wait staff was attentive, the food came quickly and was still hot, and they refilled my coffee cup without being asked - I like that quite a bit!!! We would certainly go back and I would get this again but there are other things to try on the menu.

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thanks again for stopping by do stop again!!  Only two more days......

Take care,


  1. oh yum! There's a joint in town here, that makes waffles and fried chicken and I LOVE it :) That looks just delicious!

  2. Leave it to you to make me hungry once more. You always find the best places to eat! Wow! I wanna go.....

  3. I'd have to go with Rico on this one......especially with the coke. Yours did look interesting though. I'm not very adventurous with food. I want the tried and true. Loved the guy eating with the jacket over his head!


  4. Hey, you found one of my bottomless mimosas brunch places! :) Last time I went, I had the blueberry pancakes and they were pretty yummy. Glad you enjoyed Grub.

  5. What a beautiful cafe. The food looks scrumptious.

  6. Just reading this post is making me very hungry!!!

  7. I wouldn't do well at all in the sun. I burn so easily that I would have to sit inside.

    I think cole slaw is very risky most places. I either like it or hate it, depending on how it is made. I don't like it with an acid bite - but if it is too sweet, I don't like it either.