Thursday, April 14, 2011

One day Closer to the Weekend...

Gentle readers and Dear Friends thank you so much for all the great comments about the ABC Hornbook finish.  They are the warm hugs this cold morning.  I would totally recommend this stitch for anyone - It is not difficult and with so many little designs and do-dads it continually holds your stitching interest!!  I would also say that for the most part the only floss one needs to acquire is the Charcoal and Bark and that would be two of each colour - as those are the only colours I really used any great amounts.  You could totally stitch this form stash as so many of the colours use single strands of any given colour - the motifs are so small with not many colour changes it would be easy to do.

I worked again on LHN Monthlies last night - I think I will show a snap on Monday so there will be something interesting to see.  I am changing up some of the colours as the recommended ones are bleeding into the linen to the point of disappearing - and I can't have that.  :)

I also finished up my HOE Ornament that is due tomorrow - and will have that in the mail in the morning. 

The flicker last night was a restored version of Frank Capra's "Lost Horizon" - 1937 - starring Ronald Coleman, Jane Wyatt, Edward Everett Horton, John Howard and Thomas Mitchell.  This really wonderful film is about a group of British citizens fleeing revolution in China.  They board a plane with seconds to spare and think they are flying east to Shanghai... but are in reality being kidnapped and are flying west towards the Himalaya mountains.  The plane crash lands in the mountains.  The survivors are found and brought to Shangri-La.  This Utopia in the clouds is filled with people who never grow old and never get ill.  This restored version is as close to the directors vision as is possible with set stills filling in here and there where actual film is missing.  At a little over 2 hours this film never seems long - the sets and photography are top notch.

There you go sports fans - thanks again for stopping by - do come again!!
Take care,


Ma Teakettle said...

Booya...almost time for weekend rest and relaxation! :)
I can't wait to see your "monthlies" pic...I know it will be gorgeous. I added your movie to the list, which is ever growing...and did you see that "Mildred Pierce" is being remade into a mini series...what do you think of that, Edgar? Good idea or leave a classic alone...just curious :)
Have a wonderful day kitten.
As always, kisses and hugs form your Ma.

Maggie O said...

You are just boogying along Edgar. I love that you have further explained/ commented on the Hornbook finish as you have peaked my interest in such a nice piece which looks pretty complicated to me because I haven't done any letters yet. What da ya think, can I do it? I need a piece that I can pick up and work on between my courses right now and I just love this one. Looking forward to seein gyour pic on Monday. Have a great weekend!