Thursday, December 6, 2007

Secret Exchange stitching

Last night I was working on the upcoming exchanges and so I have no picture. :(

I have just about finished my Christmas Cards and gotten them out. It seems that no matter how many I do I still don't get everyone. You know what I trot out to the mailbox and pull out the mail and there is a card from someone you forgot or left off the list from last year.

One more day and the BBC will close. I have uploaded everyone that has sent me an email wanting to join and sent out invites to the blog. If you do not see your name or have not gotten an invite please let me know so that I can make sure that you are included or if you did not receive the invite or anything else - just shoot off an email.

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,


Mindi said...

Edgar - you're doing a great job with the BBC, I'm sure once the initial set-up is done, it will be a lot easier.

Nelapx said...

Ohhh edgar me name in list, no invited
Hola Edgar he visto mi nombre en la lista pero nomi invitacion, y si no hay problema prefiero ser Nela a Marianela

Name: Vicki said...

Congrats on finishing your cards! Not many people around here send cards anymore! I don't get many each year, but I love them so!! I send them out whether anyone sends me one or not. I did mine today and got them in the mail for tomorrow! Good luck with the BBC!

Carol R said...

I must admit I gave up sending cards a couple of years ago and donate the money to charity instead. But I do feel guilty when a card arrives! And what do you do with the cards after the holiday??