Friday, July 20, 2007

Yes its Friday, and tonight is HPDH release

Well last night we went to dinner with Carol Lynn and Pat. We went to Red lobster down in South San Francisco, and needless to say it was delicioso!! Carol Lynn had a coupon so we got the appetizer for free, woo hoo. So over all it was a much better dinner than the night before and the tasty Pizza Rolls. Don't you just love those cheesy, gralicy biscuits that just keep coming and coming to the table!!!! I had the Ultimate feast and it was quite tasty. There were some fried shrimp and big hunk of crab legs, and nice dish of shrimp scampi and a pretty big lobster tail. But first they brought a pretty descent Cesar salad. This was all finished off with a piece of vanilla cheesecake. As one of my favorite cooks on the Food Channel would say - YUMMO -

After we got home I worked some on the RR and finished the houses and started on the border for the square Here is a snap of it as it stands:

After I finish the border I will need to add my name and place to the right had side then I will add the finishing border and title. I have just about charted out the extra title and things and will probably get a good start this week end on it. I was wondering and have not come to decision about the doors and windows. Should the doors be a really bright red or some other shade of blue? What does everyone think, give me some feed back about your thoughts. Tthe windows need either filling in or at the very least they need some back stitching for where the pane of glass should go. What are everyones thoughts on this?

I also said that I would get a snap of the sweet Hunny-licious. She was not the most cooperative hound last night but here are a couple.....
You have to remember she is a 15+ year old little old lady that has to be on her favorite gold pillow, not the burgundy one or even the gold pillow on the right side of the sofa, but only the gold pillow on the LEFT side will do for her imperial highness.

She is just a-laying there in all her tongue-zilla wonderfulness. I know she is thinking...."why haven't we gone to bed yet???" or she could even be thinking "Why hasn't this fool gotten me my nighttime cookie, instead of taking these dumb photos!"

After she had had enough of me she got down from the sofa and jumped on Pete's basket (because he had just vacated it and it was still warm) and I followed her to get another snap. As you see she was tired of the paparazzi following her and was even getting out of the warm basket. I think she was saying "enough already, what am I a piece of meat!"

As I sit here with my Irish Creme flavoured coffee and vanilla iced, coconut sprinkled donut I think how great it is that it is Friday and Deathly Hallows will be out tonight. Not that I am standing out at midnight to get the book but that it has finally arrived.

Have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by and leave a comment if get a chance.



hunny1960 said...

love love love the hunny=)!!!!!

Kathryn said...

I would stitch the doors red, the same family as the apples, but a shade lighter. I'd also backstitch the windows (with four panes in each), but not stitch them.

DaisyGirl said...

Your doggy is adorable! Your round robin looks great! I'm looking forward to getting your linen! I've already planned out what I want to stitch in your square.I too will be glad to get the HP book.
Have a great weekend!

Itching To Stitch said...

Your RR looks great and the dog is a cutie ;)

lena-lou said...

I found your blog from a comment you left on my sisters blog. You do lovely work and as for your little doors a nice red would look lovely IMHO :-)
Your little dog is such a sweetie

Susimac said...

Your RR is lovely, and Oooo Hunny is a real little doll - thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

Don said...

great pics of do something about peaches' breath!!! Can't wait for my book!