Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stitching on BP andRR ........and some stash

Last night I worked on two different things. The First piece was the Heartfelt Friends RR as I wanted to get the doors and windows to the almost finish point.

I also worked up and extra heart on one end thinking about putting the dates in these....and filled in the glaring blank spot in the bottom of the initial hearts. I used a little flower design from "The Lodge" chart for the flower.

The doors are filled in with a colour called Mulberry that worked very well as it is over dyed so is kinda streaky like old painted wood ( or is that a stretch?) The windows I filled in the mullions with a single back stitch thread so that they don't look so blank. The chart calls for them to be filled in with the same colour as the roof but that made them look really black/dark and I did not like that so much......but do I like the light blue or would it look better with a single dark blue thread????? I wonder????

The plan in my head for the border included an acorn in each corner... I worked one out but I am not sure that I like it....I will leave it for now and think on it for a spell.

After finishing up those little things I worked on the BP SAL which I haven't touched in a week or so. I really like working on this every time I pick it up. Here is the little bit of progress:

As you can see I am working the design around the outside and will then work to the middle of the piece. I finished up one medallion and started the next. Only this medallion and one more then I "turn the corner" and work up the side. :) I am still really liking this piece.

I haven't started really working on an Emblem of Love as I do not really like the linen now that I have decided on the silk floss that I picked and think I will replace it with something else.... maybe something with a blue cast to it???? ...... back to the LNS.

The mail brought a few nice things to add to my stash. I had been looking for more of Vilma Becklin's designs and am having the hardest time. I did find a shop on line that had four of the things I was looking for.

The four "Peace, Prosperity,Humility and Faith" charts I will work as one large piece and will adjust some of the dates and initials, so there is not so much repetition. I think that they will work really well as one project. I wanted to mention where this stash came from, I got them from Neelecraft Corner out of Baltimore, and let me just say how very fast, efficient and kind Drema was in all the help that she gave!!!!!! THANKS, Drema!!!!!!! I also picked up another Ackworth piece, the Sarah Moon Sampler. These charts seem to disappear rather fast so I think it prudent to get it them when I can.
The secondary market on places like eBay tend to run the prices rather high for things that are OOP (out of print). I found this out when I ran a piece that I really wanted ( and had lost at least two times before), but then so did about 13 other people really want the chart, in the end I was victorious after throwing a big old chunk of money at it. I am after a couple of other charts that rarely if ever come up......but when they do watch out wallet!!!!!

That's about it for this "hump" day, thanks for stopping by , and I really enjoy reading the comments so why not leave one if you've got the time.......


One more thing...I am reading the HP Deathly Hallows, and really enjoying it......I know some people have finished it and there is quite a debate going on over its merits........I will save my opinion until I finish which should be only a day or so from now.


Itching To Stitch said...

Edgar, both your RR and BP WIP's look wonderful. If you're looking for Vilma Becklin designs (Examplars of the Heart) go to Wyndham Needleworks website. She carries all of Vilma's designs.

Margie said...

Your BP looks great! I haven't even picked out fabric for mine yet. I'll be so far behind the SAL.

Cheryl said...

Your RR is just gorgeous, i can't wait to stitch on it :)

Anonymous said...

I live in Madrid (Spain). Two years ago I saw a beautiful Becklin cross-stitch design in an internet page. It was not available in my country. For this reason I contact directly with Vilma C Becklin. I bought charts, threads, linens and frames. I sent to Vilma more than 300 USD. I received anything. She tell me that was a problem of the post mail. I check with my post office and with the spanish custom and they tell me that they have no notice. My husband sent again the money (because he knows I like these designs) to Vilma. I received again anything!!!.
Non serius seller. Please be carefully with this person. I am not rich, and for me 700 USD is a lot of money.