Friday, July 13, 2007

Buying More Stash and a really pretty evening

Well, I was already to get started on the stitching my section of the RR on Wednesday night but found I did not have the right colour floss' to begin where I wanted to begin. So.....I knew I needed to make a pilgrimage to my LNS, Needle in a Haystack over in Alameda and visit with Mary, she is soooo sweet. Mary had also wanted to see the progress on the BP sampler SAL. There is also a Michael's Fabric store that has DMC floss and other crafty stuff and we started off there. Low and behold they were having a sale on the DMC 4 for $1.00, well you can't beat that with a stick!! :)

So of course I had to buy extra colours that were pretty but not really needed, because it WAS a deal. At NIAH I found a couple of charts that I needed..?... surprise, surprise, "Black Sheep Sampler" by X's and O's, and "Fox Forest" by The Workbasket.

I also had changed my mind about something I had kitted out a while back. I really like Quaker things ( if you couldn't tell) and I had gotten "An Emblem of Love" by with my Needle, probably last fall, or at least a long time ago and had gotten all the recommended threads and a lovely piece of "aged "fabric so that I could start this whenever. After working on the BP Sampler in a monochromatic silk thread I wanted to do EOL also monochromatically. I went in there thinking I was going to do this in a Gentle Art's Sampler thread, either Brethren Blue or Dried Thyme, both really nice choices. Mary suggested I use a silk instead as they are so nice to work with and she had been working on a piece using Gloriana silks and I had admired that piece and the nice deep colour that the silk had. So, you see where this is going, I looked over the beautiful choices and went with a colour called Seaweed, which I think will be a great choice. I will work this into my nightly stitching. Now that I getting close to the end of Serenity I will need something else.

After we got home and dinner was over I settled into stitching and as the evening drew to a close the sky was really getting dramatically coloured and covered in clouds so I took this snap, this is looking NW over Noe Valley towards Downtown and the Bay Bridge would be to the right.....

I thought I would also post a snap of our balcony. After seeing the lovely flowers that lots of bloggers showing from their yards I am mighty jealous. Our 5 x 3 balcony is juts out into a wind tunnel caused by the wind/breezes coming over and across from Twin Peaks and down the hills daily, often at gale force speed. It is so bad that we have a piece of plexi-glass shield on one end to protect the few things that we can get to grow out there. The petunias have done really well for the past few months. The fill flash makes it look like midnight, it really wasn't.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by, comments always appreciated!!



Itching To Stitch said...

Love your stash. I've always had an eye on Emblem of Love and the silk you picked out will be beautiful ;)

DaisyGirl said...

I haven't yet stitched with silk, one of my new Shepherd's Bush kits has silk in it. Can't wait to try it! I love the color you chose. I'm coming along with my round robin. Hope to post a picture tonight.