Thursday, October 11, 2018

Chateau de l'Islette Fall 2018

Gentle Friends, next we visited the Chateau de l'Islette.  A chateau that is built on an island formed where the river Indre forks.  The name even means "small island."  Although the river forms a natural border and affords an excellent strategic location there are no historical records that indicate the castle was ever utilized for defensive purposes.

The garden view of l'Islette

The Chateau was built by Rene de Maille with construction lasting from 1526 to 1530.  At the time of the French revolution, the Chateau was owned by Charles Tiercelin d'Apelvoisin who served as a member of the 1789 Estates-General government and was executed by guillotine in 1793.

the walks and grounds are lovely with lots of flowers and plants...

... this is the less impressive side of the Chateau more utilitarian... By the mid-1960's the chateau underwent major restoration by Pierre and Madelaine Michaud whose family still own and reside there today.  the castle opened to the public in 2010.
The Chateau de l'Islette was built of freestone, which is a soft white stone of the area.  despite its delicate texture, the structure has survived intact for centuries.  It bears a striking resemblance to the Chateau d'Azay-le-Rideau, which was constructed down the rod at approximately the same time and presumably by some of the same workers.

The most impressive room within the Chateau is definitely the Grande Salle or "Great Hall," which is over 15 meters (approximately 49.5 feet) in length and decorated in a 17th-century style.  It is adorned with portraits of the family, as well as the coat of arms of the Maille family, the original owners of l'Islette.

... the restored ceiling...

... this is the dining room, which is a less formal room than the Grande Salle, it's a really comfortable room used by the family and has the only fireplace in regular use in the Chataue of the upstairs bathrooms updated in the 1960's - every single space was covered in mirror's far too reflective for my taste!!

... looking out towards the gardens...

... the chateau grounds, park, and surrounding waters are a perfect setting for a picnic.  The old mill house next to the chateau now is a shop and snack bar where we got a bottle of rose and took a nice long break......

... one of the main bedrooms ...

... I turned around and in this alcove.... are built...

... built into the 6.6 foot thick walls is a built-in shower on one side and water basin on the other...

... although not a really large  Chateau here's a floor plan that shows just how thick all the walls are...

... the chapel...

... the third and fourth floors are all privet spaces but there are lots to see and it's a lovely building to visit.

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  1. Another wonderful tour. Thank you.

  2. Magnificent trip, enjoying the pics.

  3. The beauty of De L'Islette's exterior is its symmetry and that
    beautiful white stone. Thank you for sharing those wonderful

  4. Absolutely love seeing all the photos of your travels :) Really appreciate you taking the time to share them with us :)