Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A Weekend of Fun

Gentle Friends, over the weekend we did quite a few fun things.... I took off Friday so that we could attend a friends wedding.... the wedding was over in the East Bay in a town called Pleasanton.  Actually a little outside the city at the Callippe Preserve Golf Club.  Here are some snaps....

 ... the ceremony was entirely outside and here is Gabrielle looking really lovely!!

 ... Rico and Prisma...

... following the ceremony, there were drinks and snacks out on the large patio...

 ... here's a shot over the course looking towards the west...

... we all sat down to a really nice dinner....

 ....  as the sun was setting, it turned into a lovely evening...

... here are Jefferey and Gabrielle and their first dance ...

 ....instead of a traditional cake, there were these delicious cupcakes.....

Another high point this weekend was at the grocery store Saturday morning... as you all know I am a BIG fan of eggnog and await with great anticipation the arrival of Buds's back to the shelves every year.  Now, usually it shows up late in November but this year it has shown up really early... 

and so I bought a couple of quarts and started celebrating the season on the early side!!

... on Saturday afternoon we headed to the Castro Theatre for another performance/spoof created by Peaches Christ.  This time she used "Hocus Pocus" and brought to the stage a really super live performance satire weaving parts of the film into the dialogue and musical numbers. 
 It was a packed house and so fun!!!  
After the performance, we wrapped up the evening with dinner at the Sausage Factory.

Here's a Poster with the original cast that included Ginger Minj, she had to drop out and was replaced by the super talented Bob the Drag Queen.

Even Sunday was a great day as it included a late afternoon visit to our massage therapist, Andrew.

  We've been seeing him monthly for the past year or so and every time I leave I'm a limp noodle and so relaxed.... it makes me ready to face another week head on.....

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Bud's Egg Nog! For some reason, every year SF gets it in the stores earlier than the north bay. I've been checking every dairy case this week and nothing yet. Enjoy your egg nog! ;-)

  2. Beautiful venue for an outdoor wedding. I love eggnog too, even made a home made version once (raw eggs) and no one would drink it. There's raw egg in cookie dough and they eat that!

  3. Here in GA, I don't believe we have Bud's Egg Nog. Growing up, my Dad made
    ours from an old family recipe. We always put the crystal glasses in the
    freezer, just to get them really cold and then, added vanilla ice cream.
    The egg nog was poured on top, adding a generous sprinkle of nutmeg! Yum!
    (I did notice that Bud's said 'ice cream egg nog)....

    Do you add ice cream to yours??

  4. It sounds like a super fun weekend, Edgar--I loved seeing every bit you included! The show you went to looks great--the poster especially looks super! As for the Eggnog, it's like they brought it especially for your birthday season! :D

  5. Wow!You did have a fun filled week-end. What a lovely bride and a great outdoor wedding!

  6. Sounds like a perfect weekend. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Lovely venue for the wedding. Gabrielle was a beautiful bride (loved the dress) and Jefferey a handsome groom. It's so sweet the way he is looking at her in the dance photo. He looks like a man in love! I like the idea of having cupcakes rather than a cake. Every weekend should end with a massage!

  7. Wishing your friends a lifetime of happiness.
    What a fun filled weekend you had.