Tuesday, June 6, 2017

San Rafael California - "The Mission San Rafael Arcangel"

Gentle Friends... on with the day.... after Sonoma, we headed back towards San Rafael, but first, we pulled off the highway and had lunch at A&W... it was Rico's choice he really enjoys their burgers and fries!!!


Our next stop was to visit the site of the Mission of San Rafael Arcangel...

The statue of Father Vincente Francisco de Sarria founder of the Mission

...a little history.."Mission San Rafael Arcángel was founded in 1817 as a medical asistencia ("sub-mission") of Mission San Francisco de Asís. It was a hospital to treat sick Native Americans, making it Alta California's first sanitarium.[8] The weather was much better than in San Francisco, which helped the ill get better.[9] It was not intended to be a stand-alone mission, but nevertheless grew and prospered and was granted full mission status on October 19, 1822."

In 1949, a replica of the chapel was built next to the current Saint Raphael's Church on the site of the original hospital in San Rafael, California.

... the inside of the reconstructed Mission Church.  

... the lovley High Altar of the church....

...Originally the beams and exposed wood would have been heavily painted as would the walls...

... just inside the narthex is a prie dieux

... there is a small exhibit of the remnants from the Mission including the original Mission Bells...  the middle bell is the oldest bell made for the asistencia and placed by Father Amoros in about 1820.  The bell on the right was acquired by the Mission in about 1830 and the bell on the left was acquired in about 1833 - both bells placed by either Father Estemga or Father Mercado...

... there was also a display of the things from the archaeological digs from the original building of 1817/1822...

... this is a shot of the front with the replicated bells in place.  The complex was lovely and so serene.

We had a wonderful day out of the City and visiting these two Mission sites was so worth it.  I would highly recommend the trip to anyone visiting the Bay area.  Getting to both Sonoma and San Rafeal is quick and easy, goodness knows that if I could do it anyone can!!  If you would like to read about the Mission here in San Francisco you can go HERE to my blog and read the Post about our last visit.

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks, for stopping by and reading about our visit do stop again!!

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  1. It does look very peaceful and tranquil.

  2. How nice. Thanks for the pictures as always.

  3. Thank you again for another fun virtual tour with fabulous pictures!

  4. Your pictures so well convey the tranquility of the Mission.. Thank
    you for sharing your travels with us... you do it so well. And what is
    not to like about the A&W fare...a stop on the way to the Jersey shore
    as a child...a fun memory you conjured....

  5. This mission reminds me of some to the churches in Merida, Mexico. They always seem so peaceful and quiet.
    My A&W memories are from my college days in Ohio. At the time I loved the rootbeer. Now it seems way too sweet -probably since I rarely drink sodas now.

  6. Thank you for the tour of the mission. It's beautiful in its simplicity and tranquility. Glad you had a good getaway.

  7. So beautiful
    I love it
    Big hugs and smiles x