Monday, November 7, 2016

A Little Stitchin' and some Christmas treats!!

Gentle Friends, here's where I am onPlantation Sampler...

... I was really happy to get through the front yard.  As I stitched across from R to L I found that I was off by a single thread and had to frog out some of the border and all the left-hand blue fence.  I had to fudge a stitch or two but overall everything is back on track.

Over the weekend we did our regular grocery shopping and found that the Bud's Egg Nog is out - yumm!!!!  Later on after running about we had lunch at Alice's and then ran over to Lehr's, our store for all things German, and they had gotten in their Christmas treats - so I stocked up on Pfeffernusse, lebkuchen and some Dominos.  Dominos were invented in 1938 by Herbert Wendler of Dresden, they are mainly sold around Christmas, the original recipe calls for a marzipan layer with gingerbread while the "doppelt-gefullte" or double filled dominos have a layer of orange or apricot jelly as well.  These have that extra layer of jelly and are super delicious!  


That's about all for today sports fans.  I'm working on my next Trip Post for tomorrow.  
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Daphne Bryson said...

Good Afternoon Edgar, Your Plantation sampler is exquisite. There is so much detail to enjoy.
Here in England we have a German shop called Lydl's and around this time of year we too are treated to some wonderful German food. The problem for me is, if I buy too early, with the thought of saving the goodies until Christmas, I am often tempted to sample the odd one or two treats and then I have to return to the shop to buy some more. You are obviously made of sterner stuff, because you are able to save your goodies until Christmas, which of course, is much more sensible.
Have a lovely day.
Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

Love your rendition of the sampler. Thanks for sharing! I have that unfinished in my cross stitch ufo stash. Maybe now I will be motivated to finish. Sometime back, someone posted that they found this finished for a ridiculously low price, something like ten dollars. Can you imagine? Guess someone's trash became someone else's treasure. That should have been a treasured heirloom! After stitching that bottom portion am sure you would agree.

Rita said...

Beautiful stitching! Enjoy your treats.

Barb said...

I'm so glad you were able to fix the problem and not have to frog too much, that fence area was enough!! The yard is beautiful. All those animals must have been challenging. It is fun seeing the seasonal things come back. They look very good.

Robin in Virginia said...

Sorry you had to frog a bit, but your yard looks super. Not a fan of egg nog, but would you mind passing the cookies? Enjoy your day!

Margaret said...

Beautiful stitching! And Christmas treats already! Yum!

Summer said...

All so nice ♥

Von said...

Whew, glad you could get your little stitching problem resolved so quickly. I've had to fudge a time or two myself. :)

marly said...

Oh that sampler is sweet. No one will see any errors and I know if I attempt it, there will be many more errors than you encountered!