Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Little Dinner and a Treat!!

Gentle Friends, over the weekend  we headed out to dinner with friends to one of our favourite restaurants... Old Jerusalem in the mission.  They had never been there so we were happy to introduce them to the delicious offerings......

...  they bring to the table when you sit down a plate of olives and pickled radishes...

and we ordered some hummus...

 ... I ordered a vegetarian plate because I was in the mood for a taste of a few things...  the plate includes some delicious falafel they make, more hummus, ful , baba ghanoush, Arabian Salad and roasted and fried eggplant and cauliflower...

 ... Rico and John ordered Shish Taouk, which is grilled chicken and a side of saffron rice....

... and Mike ordered Kifta Kabab with a side of saffron rice...  it was a wonderful dinner and this place just keeps getting better and better every time we go!!

Next door to the restaurant is a Middle Eastern grocery store.  Earlier in the week, I read an article about Halloumi cheese, a really super cheese from Cyprus.  This cheese is so dense that you are able to fry or grill it and serve it hot and crispy!!  It looked really tasty and a knew they would have some at the store, and not only did they have but they had three different varieties!!!  

...  it is a really easy recipe, you drain off the little bit of brine that is in the packet with the cheese, and cut the cheese into small squares...

... now the recipe did not call for garlic, but a little garlic never hurts, and I think it added a nice flavour to the fried cheese...

...heat up a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, add the cheese and garlic and keep flipping the squares until they are browned nicely on each side...

... when the cheese has arrived at the doneness you want, pour into a bowl and serve immediately.  This is much better warm that room temperature - now just enjoy!!  I can imagine this cheese browned with eggs or added to a nice salad!!

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Order me the same that Rico and John are having. That looks good! No need to pass the hummus to me, it's all y'alls. I am with you on the garlic though...your cheese squares do look good. I love it that you are adventurous with food and willing to share that through pictures. What's on the menu tonight?


  2. Looks like a great time and delicious food! That is one advantage to living in a big city, you get to try so many different things.

  3. I will have the vegetarian plate with you and add some of that fried cheese on the side please. YUM!

  4. We use this cheese to put on shishkababs for the BBQ . It threads on nicely and works well with chunks of veggies, or meat and veggies!