Friday, April 12, 2013

RIP Jonathan Winters

Gentle Friends, last night passed a top comedian of the 20th Century - 


One of the great funny men of our time he was known for and got his start in TV.  He was also a superb actor in Films -  One of his best films was the classic 1963 ensemble piece "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Mad World."  The cast was full of big names and is a fun film to see.  He was also a writer, produced and recording artist and a painter... he will be missed.

A great quote of his....   "If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it."



dixiesamplar said...

Now, here was a man who knew the classy way to be funny...without the crass, disrespectful, and disgusting behavior of some comedians today! He will surely be missed.

Vicki said...

oh Edgar, my mom just called me with the news a few minutes ago. I remember him from my childhood, my folks loved his humor. And of course, I've seen Mad, Mad World many times. Thank you for your tribute.

Margaret said...

I just saw this in the news. So sad.

diamondc said...

Dearest Edgar: This is poistively one of the funniest men of all time, right up there with Lucy who was the funniest women I have ever seen on t.v.
Todays comedians donot compare to Mr. Winters, he will always hold a place in my heart I grew up laughing with him on our t.v.
Blessings to you for putting his lovely picture on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Not many actors could make my dad laugh. But JW was the best in our house!

MartyG said...

Edgar, I loved Jonathan Winters so much. My Dad had LPs of his comedy shows and we would all listen. It was amazing when he was on Johnny Carson. We laughed and laughed. I even adored him on Mork and Mindy. So sad.

Dede said...

He was one of the best. Always so funny. Nothing crass or rude. Miss those type of comedians in the movies--why I don't go or watch their movies. Give me JW, Red Skelton, Johnny Carson, Jack Parr, Lucy, Carol Burnett, etc any day.

Joy said...

My daughters love watching the New Scooby Doo Movies (well, they're not really new) and Jonathan Winters had an episode. :)