Friday, September 7, 2012

Four Films

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends I wanted to thank you again for you kind comments!!  They do make ones day more bright and cheery!!  I hope I am getting the hand of the Comment thing and that it is easy to use for everyone!

There have been quite a few films I wanted to mention  - some good and some not so good.  There are three new films out on DVD and one that is a couple of years old also in DVD that I think are worth a look....

The first up is the oldest film - "The Nutcracker - the Untold Story - 2009 - the original title was "The Nutcracker in 3d" - but since I think 3D is once again a silly fad like it was in the 50's I waited to see it on DVD and much prefer it that way. Although it was a critical and financial failure when it was released....

.......I really enjoyed this version of the story - it is NOT and I repeat NOT the ballet version - although there are musical allusions to Tchaikovsky throughout the film - and there are musical numbers in the film, do not expect the annual Christmas version in this film. Here is the Official trailer...

Don't get me wrong I love the Tchaikovsky ballet version of the story - one has to remember that the story of "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" was originally written by ETA Hoffman in 1816 - and that this is just another interpretation of the story.

A newer film I saw recently was "The Hunger Games" - 2012 - 

This is a film I avoided and really was not very interested in seeing... but all the hype and what not got me to thinking I should probably give it a chance.  I got it from Netflix and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this film - although there are moments of the "not so nice" and a bit of the expected bloodshed, I did find the manipulation of the public by the media very much a contemporary theme and something to think about.  I have not read the books so I do not know how close to the story they kept, but have read that it is a good movie version with not too much left out.  I am eagerly awaiting the second and third instalment of the films.  Here is the official trailer.


The third film is "Wrath of the Titans" - 2012 - I was really anticipating this film after seeing "Clash of the Titan's" a few months back.  

This is another film that did give all that I had expected - lots of CGI and myths come to life kind of stuff - I liked the whole adventure theme of the film. Here's the Official trailer...


The final film for today I saw last night... "Dr Suess' The Lorax" - 2012 - 

This is a film that I was looking forward to ever since I heard about it going into production.  The story comes from one of my favorite books as a child  "nature vs big business"...  Although the movie expanded the story to include a host of extra characters and a few musical numbers it was a good effort and a film I enjoyed.  Here is the Official trailer..


I enjoyed these films and would recommend them as worth a look - all are available on DVD.

There you go sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend!!

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Margaret said...

Hmmm. That Nutcracker movie sounds interesting. And I know I want to see the Lorax. You are a youngster if you remember the Lorax from childhood. lol!

Karen said...

I'm glad you liked Hunger Games. I did read all the books and have to say i think this is teh closest anyone has kept the books to the movies. :) I saw it twice at the theater with 2 different people and bought the movie when it came out. :)

Maggee said...

I agree with Margaret (interesting, eh?) that the Nutcracker sounds interesting. Gotta track it down! Thanks for sharing -- I often check out your reviewed films! Hugs!

Joy said...

I have not yet seen The Hunger Games but I did enjoy the books.

As for 3d, my Vizio is 3D and it's nice to occasionally watch something in 3D.

Lisa V said...

I am yet to see The Hunger Games myself, but I have seen Wrath of the Titans which I really did enjoy, plus it stars our very own "Aussie" Sam Worthington, its gotta be good! Also watched his "Man On A Ledge" movie and that also was quite enjoyable.

Christine said...

Nice film choices. The Hunger Games is fairly true to the book as far as it goes though there are some parts missed out (not so much gory ones, which was fine, but certain characters who added to the depth of the story without having major roles). You should read the books, you'd understand Katniss better and probably like her less.
We bought the set up to watch 3D at home and love it. The effects where things fly out towards you are kind of fun (or not if it is a snake, which it often seems to be) but you are right, they are gimmicky really. I think the real strength of 3D is in the incredible depth the pictures have. We have watched some live sporting events the BBC have broadcast in 3D and they have been amazing

Denise said...

I too watched the Hunger Games but have not read the book. I did enjoy the movie and will watch it again.
Hope you are having a great weekend.

Kirby said...

I wish they had not used the name Nutcracker. It's an insult to a great classic....IMHO. However it does sound interesting. Thanks for the suggestions.