Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's a Wet and Windy Tuesday

GR&DF you all once again said the nicest things!! I do thank you! I was amazed - or I probably shouldn't have been - about the bookcase comments. I have seriously been on the prowl for months and months. In every old house, Salvation Army, Goodwill and yard sale I have scoured for one. I always say week after week that there is always another sale. So I have held off many other lesser bookcases - knowing that eventually I would stumble like an idiot into one - et voila - it was this past weekend!! Now we will be on the look out for a tall chest of drawers for Rico - there was one at the sidewalk sale that I found the bookcase and it was of the same period, and a lovely 1/4 sawn oak, great old finish - only missing two of the lower drawer bails - and for only $10. But, by the time we got back over there to get it someone else had snapped it up. There will be another - I am sure!!

In the comments - both Peg and Loraine mentioned listing stash - I only got through 2 of the 5 - 4 inch binders I have that are packed with charts. Not touching the uncloseable box of charts and the last 3 binders. It is a bit overwhelming - and just a bit obscene! Should one person have so much and so many choices??? I have to just stitch from stash - until something else great comes up - have you looked a eBay lately??? I know - pop up books are kind of crazy - but since I was a little slip of chip - I have liked them - not every pop-up appeals to me - but there are lots out there so I am not too worried about not finding others.

There where a few flickers this weekend I wanted to mention - starting off with "Dark Passage" - 1947 - starring Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall and Agnes Moorehead. This was a wonderful Noir film. The first half of the film is shot all subjective camera with Bogart narrating for plot. After about half way through the film the camera pulls back and you see an "new" Bogart. Agnes Moorehead was just superb as the crazy grasping bitchy friend of both the dead wife and new girlfriend. Although the story was a little weak the super acting and atmospheric SF shots made up for lack of story.

Next up is "Lillie's of the Field" - 1963 - starring Sidney Poitier and Lilia Skala. I have seen this film many times and always enjoy it!! Sidney Poitier won both the Oscar and Golden Globe for his performance as Homer Smith an itinerant ex-GI roaming the west. He stumbles on a small group of German nuns who have come to build a chapel. Lilia Skala as Mother Maria -a tough as nails get 'er done type is convinced that God has sent him to build their chapel - it is a feel good film shot on location in the desert that I think everyone can enjoy.

The last film up will be a new film "Avatar" - 2009 - starring - Sam Worthington, the voice of Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver. For all the hype, good and bad press - this movie IMHO was very entertaining. I was totally absorbed in the entire picture and had to keep reminding myself that what I was watching was computer generated and completely not real - it was very easy to get caught up with the film. It was easy to see - and Rico pointed out - how very similar the story lines where to the way the indigenous populations where treated here in North America when the Europeans started to colonize and the way the native population was treated on Pandora by the greedy and evil "colonizers." With all the groundbreaking imagery the film made the story was predictable and trite - but nicely told, I thought. They totally left it open for a 2nd film - surprise, surprise!!

Back to some exchange stitching for the next few days so no snappers today.

There you go sports fans. Thank you for stopping by do come again!!

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Cari-in-VA said...

During our winter from hades, I went thru and made a list of all my stash. We had a power outage and I was panicking about what I was going to do for hours and then saw the sweetest site - my laptop power light illuminated. So, for four hours I sat with candles and my laptop and listed charts and threads and beads. I used Excel and created a tab for each area (magazines, fabric, beads, fibers, charts). On the charts page, I added columns to check if the pattern was an A&E (my favorite), if I had the fabric and fibers, if I had already stitched it, etc. I used one column for the company and a second column for the chart name - this allows me to sort by designer.

It's been a great resource and has saved me lots of time and money (no more duplicate purchases).

Love your new bookcase - what a great find!

Have a great day, Edgar.

Margaret said...

My daughter called Avatar the SF Pocahontas. :D I still haven't gotten around to putting it on my Netflix queue. Maybe someday. lol!

Berit said...

Whew! One the one hand, it sounds like a wondrous, stashy library. But, I don't think I'd want the responsibility of (more like guilt for how poorly I'm) managing it! I already have enough that I found a piece of grey linen that I have no idea when/what for I bought it!

But, how can we resist stash! That bookcase IS totally great, and I know you'll also find a fab dresser for Rico. There's always more stuff out there; hey--ya can't take it with you, ya know? ;)

I've been having a big cleaning and cleaning schedule overhaul these last couple of weeks, and am sorta keeping up with some stitching, but am definitely behind on blogging and a bit on blog reading!

Myriam said...

Un petit coucou de bien loin!

Sharlotte said...

DH and DS went and seen Avatar in
3D. They said that you keep swating at stuff that you think is flying in your face! I still haven't seen it but it looks really good. They both really really liked it. It's funny, my husband said pretty much the same thing Rico said about the story line. I wonder if any of that was an influence maybe? Who knows.

Listing stash, especially what you must have accumulated, would be quite a task. Wanna do mine?? Ha-ha.