Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Little Chocolate

Gentle Friends, a little back of Rico's many jobs where he works is to acquire corporate presents and things...after a bit of research into some high end chocolates here in the city he decided on a really nice one called Recchiuti Confections.  They have only two stores - one in Dog Patch (an  up and coming area in the City) and one at the Ferry Building... we chose...

 ... the Ferry Building... after finding parking we walked along the Embarcadero  
there were some great views of Bay Bridge and Treasure Island... the weather was really lovely as it was still a few hours before the rain started... 


 .... inside the store the back wall is covered with drawings and descriptions of the chocolates they make....and in the front the glass topped counter ....

 has plates full of all the different chocolate pieces that were available on Saturday...the store is not big, but full of beautifully filled and beribboned boxes of all sorts of treats...

 ... one of the seasonal things that was in stock were the Key Lime Pears.  We got a dozen boxes of "Red Wine Pairing" chocolates and then it was my turn. 

 Now you know me - if I'm going to drag my cookies all they way downtown 
I'm gonna need some sort of treat!!!

I looked around and was going for the Key Lime pears but then spotted some Orange Peel, 
and I do love orange peel........

... so a box of the stuff came home with me!!  It is some really delicious stuff and I am savouring each piece!

That's about it for today sports fans, there are so many other chocolate places we should visit, but that's for other days in the future.  Thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Oh my! I am not a big chocolate fan like some ,anything chocolate they will eat. But orange peel ...yes I am in. I can make a box a Godiva truffles last, in fact I still have four left from Valentines day. Enjoy your treat.

  2. Mmm..... I wish I was on that corporate guest list. The 'red wine pairing' chocolates sound wonderful. Of course any good (preferably dark) chocolate is wonderful in my book.

  3. Good choice Edgar! It all looked delicious.

  4. I bet the smell in the shop was heavenly, nice treat you bought yourself.

  5. I have given up sweets for Lent but that chocolate is really tempting me. Good thing it is in San Fran!! My son and his wife will be out your way next week. She works for LG and they are hosting a big corporate event at Half Moon Bay. We are babysitting our 10 month old grand daughter while they are gone so pray for us!!

  6. Dearest Edgar: Oh my goodness, chocolate anything is good, my mouth is watering.
    Rico has a nice job, lucky Guy.


  7. Oh my!! The place must have smelt absolutely divine!! My favorite combination is also orange peel with chocolate - just love that

  8. Oh my gosh! Yum!!!! I bet it smelled great in there too! When we went to Mast Brothers in Brooklyn the smell was amazing!

  9. Oh no…why didn't you post on this BEFORE I went to San Francisco?! LOL I know…you just learned of it.
    We did mange to eat at a GREAT little place that I saw on your blog, so thank you. I will be blogging on that soon. :-)