Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mid Week Post

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends here we sit at the middle of the week looking forward to the weekend - I am actually looking at only one more day and a super three day weekend.  
How did I wangle that - you may ask????

I took off this Friday because my little sister is coming into town for a visit.  Her Birthday is Monday and since she is turning the delicate age of "29" once again, she is coming for a little break from her life and spending it here with us.  It should be lots of fun -and we already have a few things planned to do - one request she made was to eat at some "fun" restaurants - well if San Francisco has anything it's lots of fun places to eat!!

Yesterday's post stirred up some great comments and emails - and I do appreciate them.  After I write a post I am never sure how some of things I am posting will go over - and it is always nice to get some feed back.  Yvonne mentioned one of my favorite flickers "A Christmas Story" and likened the "Snow Garden" to the restaurant that they eat Christmas dinner in after the turkey is gobbled up by the Bumpass' dogs.  I never thought about it but how accurate - and I got a laugh thinking about the similarities!!

Judes asked about the french commode that I snapped a picture of - I have no idea of the price, but next time I see one in the window I will check it out and let you know - I am sure they are terribly expensive - those shops usually are.

If you remember an earlier posting about Icee Pops - and my crazy love of them - 
I was at Walgreen's and I found these.....
They are pretty tasty - and unlike those super sour ones from last time these are delicately sweet - not much marshmallow taste, but a pastel like taste - if pastel had a flavour.  I know, I'm a nut, but you gotta try everything, right??

There you go sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by - do come again.

Take care,


riona said...

You do make me jealous with your postings about icy treats and home baked goodies ... as I confine myself to Weight Watcher fudge pops ... not terrible, to be sure, but still not quite as soul-satisfying as the treats you photograph.

Have a wonderful time with your sister ... I look forward to the account of all the fun and funky places you visit over the weekend. Your blog is better than a travelogue, or all the brochures ever put out by a Chamber of Commerce. I have a sister who lives just north of San Francisco. She comes back East frequently, maybe a dozen times a year, so I haven't felt compelled to go West to see her yet. But your posts are convincing me that I really need to do so.

Amy said...

That is why I love reading your blog---because you are not afraid to try different things and relate them to us! I do love your blog!

Berit said...

I have to say that those peeps ice pops struck fear into my heart when I saw the pic of the box--what COULD be in them!? This is why the box is best used for holding the treats you eat, not light reading. :D

Margaret said...

Have a good time with your sister! Happy birthday to her too! Peeps ice pops -- who ever heard of such a thing? lol!

Ma Teakettle said...

Peeps frozen treats? Good grief, Edgar, I have just recovered from the sheer joy of chocolate covered peeps and now you say there freezer pops? Walgreens here I come...pastel flavor and all.

I am so glad that you have both a 3 day weekend and a little sis to spend it with...I envy any sister of yours. :)

Hugs from your Ma, tiger.

Yvonne..... said...

I've got to check out the Peeps icy treats. What will they think of next?!!! LOL

Mouse said...

HI Edgar:) hope you and your sister have a fun filled fabulous time for her birthday ... pastel has a delicate flavour I agree but as I haven't tasted any peeps (we don't have them over here ) I shall take your word for them they are yummy ;0 take care and happy stitching love mouse xxxx

Alice said...

Have a wonderful weekend with the birthday girl. I am jealous of all the fun restaurants you get to go to.