Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mid Week Musings

GR&DF what great answers and comments from yesterdays brain bubble. I often will see something out on the web - either on a blog, a forum or in some discussion group that I think is of interest - I figure if I'm interested then I bet there are lots of others out there that are also. I think I will not just let those thoughts marinate but throw them out there for others to comment and think about. After mulling things over I am thinking that as a group we are of one mind generally. That we often will give and give openhanded without regret or strings, but (and there is always a but) only gifting to a narrow group of those that are close to us and will appreciate that it is not just a gift but a bit of our love for them in stitching form. Goodness could I get just a bit more sappy and sticky this morning????

Moving on.... last night TCM had a 100th Birthday Tribute for Luise Rainier with a grouping of her better know flicks. Starting off the evening with "The Great Ziegfeld" - 1936 - starring William Powell, Myrna Loy, Luise Rainier. What a great movie if just a bit off on the real story. This film also included two real Ziegfeld stars - Fanny Brice, Ray Bolger. Luise Rainier won an Oscar for Best Actress in a leading role playing Anna Held, Ziegfelds first wife. Next up was "The Great Waltz" - 1938 - A fun if inaccurate story of the life of a Johann Strauss. This movie has gorgeous costumes and beautiful sets and wonderful cinematography - and - perfectly fantastic music - these are the reasons to see this movie. "The Good Earth" - 1937 - was next - and Luise was awarded another Academy award for Best Actress in a lead Role playing the quiet and ever hard working wife, O-Lan. I have enjoyed these films numerous times and would recommend them all as top notch and Luise Rainier is superb in all three!!

Jennifer mentioned Mary Beale's other pieces - you may be thinking of this piece... The Days of Advent Sampler - which is fantastic but a bit daunting in size a scope. Aren't peppermint Patties delicious!!!! :)

Ginny B - What a very kind offer - Yes - I would love to have the Plymouth Sampler - let me know where to send my snail mail address - my email is - edgar matt at g mail dot com . (Leave out spaces).

No snap of my non-existent stitching - if I can get some done tonight I might take a snap for tomorrow - I don't want to bore you with little bits of nothing.

There you go sports fans, Thanks again for your comments and for you continued good wishes!!

Take care,


Evelyn said...

Just one correction to your post: you are NEVER boring. Never ever!

Sharlotte said...

Boring is my title, not your's and you can't have it! LOL! Just kidding, but you're never boring! But don't tease us about a pic tomorrow and then not take one! You gotta have something around there!

Catherine said...

I agree - nothing boring about you or your posts!

dixiesamplar said...

Did you say "boring" way?? That is simply are an absolute delight and we enjoy the dickens out of your wonderful posts...keep um' a'comin'!!


Myriam said...

Et en français: NON TU N'ES PAS ENNUYEUX!!!!!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Love seeing a post from you, Edgar - even if no pics. Have a great rest of the week!

blazensun said...

Hello Edgar come over here from Carol ( I Stitch). Love your blog and I have ony read one post. You are not boring, take that word right out of your mind. Will be commng back.

Hugs Sunny

Diane said...

I love reading your blog - it's ~never~ boring!

My 21 year old daughter wants to watch 365 new-to-her movies in 365 or 500 (she's going to have to see what her schedule allows) days. I've been trying to steer her toward classics, and she's developed a fondness for musicals recently. (I made her sit down and watch Singing in the Rain with me, and she watched it repeatedly the next day. Can you say "obsessed"?*) Anyway, I was wondering if you could direct her to a good list, or even share the names of what you have in your NetFlix queue? I sent her the link to your blog so she can find the movie posts in your archives. My e-m address is in my profile. Thanks!

*in your best Fred Rogers voice.