Friday, March 28, 2008

Exchange stitching

Worked on an upcoming exchange last night so no pics of that. The piece I am working on called "The Tale of This and That" sampler is by Little by Little. I tried to find it on the internet and couldn't so I have no idea if it is even available anymore. I got it in a group of charts I won on eBay over a year ago. I was trying for one of the charts in the group, not this one. When the package came I really fell for this pattern and knew I would stitch it up. Since it is a garden theme and has a fruit tree (they could be figs?) I immediately thought of my Mom. She is an avid gardener in Florida, writes a column for a local paper about gardening stuff and has an enormous fig tree in the backyard, who better to give stitch it up for. It calls for DMC but I am working it in HDF silks and stayed within her conversion. Here is a shot -

What the pic shows is the model picture and the chart they are on my blow up version I am stitching from. The chart is pretty old and some of the marks for stitching have become blurred or worn off so I blew it up to make it easier to see.

The movie last night was "Golden Boy" - 1939. with a very young William Holden and very polished Barbara Stanwyck. This is one of only two films that they made together. The other being "Executive Suite" - 1954. GB is worth seeing but dated.

Have a great weekend!!! Thanks for stopping by!

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Glenna said...

What a wonderful sampler--I'm keeping my eyes open for it, which is half the fun.

Carol R said...

I am sure your mom is going to love that Edgar!

Anna van Schurman said...

I love Barbara Stanwyck. I could watch her in anything.

Kathryn said...

The pattern is lovely. I watched Executive Suite last month. William Holden was great, but this was not Stanwyck's best part. She has to act pretty spineless.

Jennifer/OH said...

Great idea to blow-up the chart. I struggle with a lot of my faded older charts. About the survey--whether to print out a pattern or stitch directly from the computer. I never heard of anyone stitching directly from the computer. That would be wild, but it certainly would conserve ink. I am also amused by the fact that Steve Ercle is working on your Pink Sparrows...I can see his signature stitched at the bottom!

ChristyB said...

Hi. I'm a lurker, but just wanted to let anyone who's interested know that "This and That" can be found online at Stitching Bits and Bobs. And Edgar, I love your stitching..its always so beautiful :)

Ja'niece said...

Hey Edgar -
I Googled it for you!!!!!

Don't go letting your credit card get too warm. {giggle}


Hazel said...

Thats a nice pattern. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled.

msjan said...

Hello, My name is Jan and I love old movies. One movie I have been trying to find is THE GAY SISTERS with Barbara Stanwyck. Do you know of any place to get this movie. I looked to see if you had your email listed but you don't so I just used this forum. I hope you don't mind.